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Forgot to turn my PS4 on before I left for work this morning. I'll grab it this evening
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I was surprised by the relatively small file size. Admittedly that's without any of the DLC, but I was still expecting something bigger.
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User Info: CruorComa

5 days ago#13
It's 55gb on PC. Lord.
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User Info: Zergrush80

5 days ago#14
froghunter75 posted...
Is there a way to tell on Xbox if it has started?
Just woke up this morning before work to see it has started on my Xbox....
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User Info: pcutta

5 days ago#15
Got it installed
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User Info: Lemonader

5 days ago#16
rosseeles posted...
Weirdly my autodownload didn't start (I'm on PS4) I had to go to the store and manually download...that's annoying.

Also what's the size for others, mine says 18gb, which seems amazingly small

I had the same issue with auto download mine was like 36 or 38 gb I think the 18 is the amount to start the application.

User Info: kriirk

4 days ago#17
HOLY MOLY its really tricky to find the option to start the download.
(The game is hidden only under 'bought' stuff in library, and inside there is the option do DL.)

I always found the Sony UIs horrible to be honest. Especially the store. But it seems to be 'ok' to make horrible online shopping experiences these days..

Ok Im done ranting.

Reviews didnt convince me but saw an AU guy playing on YT, and wow just wow. Looks ultra fun!

User Info: zado19

4 days ago#18
froghunter75 posted...
Is there a way to tell on Xbox if it has started?

turn on the system and see if its downloading...???
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User Info: Kaatisu

4 days ago#19
Apparently people over on the Xbox version are already able to play the game.

Could have sworn it was getting a global midnight release, but according to the Xbox boards, that doesn't seem to be the case. Changing their region to certain places is, reportedly, letting people play.
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User Info: banone779

3 days ago#20
fisheye11 posted...
Should be able to go to where ever the game is in your library and download it. I'm not sure though because I don't own a Xbox

38GB is pretty good size. Was expecting 50GB+. Good to know it's not like RDR2 and some other games that are like 100GB+.

Those games are 100+GB because they have far better graphics. The lo-res graphics in this game don't take near the hard drive space.
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