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  3. It's stupid, but I still can't decide who my first vault hunter will be

User Info: NakedJoe4Eva

1 week ago#1
I was going to with Flak just for his creatures, but Zane is actually sounding pretty interesting with all his gadgets.
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User Info: fisheye11

1 week ago#2
Game won't be going anywhere for a long time. Give them both a try.
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User Info: sycoKinesis

1 week ago#3
I kinda wanna start with the characters I'm least interested in first, then work my way up. I picked Zer0 in BL2, and felt each new vault hunter (for me, at least) was a step back in fun. I know I'm gonna play all of them eventually, so I think I'll save Fl4k or Moze for last, and either start with Zane or Amara first.
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User Info: Big_Ed_Mustapha

1 week ago#4
I'm Zane all the way, he really appeals to my playstyle, but I'm just going to start a Fl4k game at the same time and put time into them both.

Going to play all characters anyway, so I'd just stick with Fl4k and give him a go and the same with Zane then just finish the play through you prefer and save the other for when you've finished
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User Info: GrutNL

1 week ago#5
Just roll a dice.
1 for Zane
2 for Moze
3 for Fl4k
4 5 and 6 for Amara ;)

User Info: DancingSamurai

1 week ago#6
Same way for me. At first I wanted to go Fl4k but seeing as how so many people want to play him, I wanted to consider someone else. I like Moze and Amara and want to play and try them instead. I just can't decide between those 2 now.
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User Info: Estabon1

1 week ago#7
I’ve been leaning towards FL4K until a few days ago, now I’m undecided between them, Zane and (kind of) Amara. Moze doesn’t interest me that much. Ultimately, I’m probably going to intensely debate this until Friday, then play with FL4K regardless.
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User Info: JackApostrophe

1 week ago#8
I find flipping a coin reveals how I really feel about something.

But honestly just try them both. You get skills early in this so there's not so much of a slog at the beginning.

User Info: dragoborn36

1 week ago#9
im in the same boat, the siren and agent. dang it all, all characters are amazing

User Info: neji721

1 week ago#10
Same but for different reasons. They all seem meh to me. None that screams put to me as a character that I typically play as.
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  3. It's stupid, but I still can't decide who my first vault hunter will be
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