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User Info: flea_friend

11 years ago#1
This is just sort of a public service announcement for anyone who picked this game up recently from GoG or wherever.

If you're running the game on a fairly modern computer, for some reason you may not be able to get onto the final platform to reach the damn thing because you won't be able to grab the lip of the last platform to pull yourself up.

To bypass this, you have to use the cheat code:

1. In the game, type "hokkus pokkus" without the quote marks to enter the console.
2. Type in "benny" and hit enter to activate Benny Hill mode. You'll run around really fast in this mode.
3. Make the jump.
4. Once you're safely on the final platform, open up the console again by hitting F12.
5. Type "benny" again to deactivate the cheat.
6. Take the dead bulb.
7. Select the new one.
8. Use it.

It's a great game; I just wish the original support team was around so they could fix this problem.
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