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User Info: Steinin

13 years ago#11
I'm delighted to see that people still take interest in this great game. I wish you all happy gaming and a bug-free experience.

User Info: UltimoDodgeball

13 years ago#12
Remember, if all else fails, sneak in, set up dynamite at your exit, make sure the guards follow you and detonate. >,,> Or if you know someone is coming, set the dynamite then, go and do quest stuff until arrival, sneak in, show your face and detonate for instant win. >,,> It may slow the game down, but the explosion of 50 stick of dynamite spread across a certain part of the ground where several guards are lounging about is just awesome.

Never tried this. But I did put 40 sticks down in the same exact spot one time. I backed away to what I thought was a safe distance and shot the TNT. My PC slowed to a crawl as a giant white orb exploded from the point of origin, eventually making it to Cutter and killing him.

User Info: Mor

13 years ago#13
Finally managed to score a copy. It's every bit as good as I remembered from the demo.

User Info: ragarm34

13 years ago#14
Just starting this for the first time and not looking forward to the Twon-Ha problem, but does look like a nice game

My first impression is that Cutter's a bit of a close talker

User Info: Foolz3h

13 years ago#15
Cpu grabber fixed the twon-ha problem for me.

User Info: jsmith2001

13 years ago#16
So, reinstalled this game after quite some time to replay it. Still a great game.
There's one thing I'm wondering, though: was there a way to easily locate your Twon-Ha? It seems to me that it stays where you left it, and if you happen to forgot where that was, you're quite screwed.

User Info: Cutter_Slade

13 years ago#17
Yo fellow Outcasts!

It's been many years but I'm still pissed about how bad this game did sales-wise. When I first got it it blew my mind, and everyone that has actually played this game also seem to love it. What went wrong? Bad marketing or something?

I pick it up from time to time and play through it, and despite the stupid twon-ha glitch, it's still pretty damn awesome.
Why do today what you can leave for tomorrow?
Jecht, Final Fantasy X
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