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User Info: gatooo

1 year ago#1

I'm playing Fate/Extra and I'm having a blast. So I guess I'll take Fate/Extella when it'll be out since I love those kind of games.

I was just wondering if I needed to do CCC in order to fully comprehend the story of Fate/Extella ?

Also, can someone post an example of a character's movelistfromFate/Extella ? I'm kind of curious to know how it works.


User Info: sou

1 year ago#2
CCC isn't as necessary compare to Fate/Extra.
It only relates to why Elizabeth and Gilgamesh are here.

Character move set is similar to those Musou/Warriors games, Extella actually have more variety it seems.
Standard Square chain combo, Triangle for stronger attack that changes depending on how many Square attack you did in the chain.
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User Info: gatooo

1 year ago#3
Ok, thanks.

How about special moves ? How does Noble Phantasms work ? Any special skills ?

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