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User Info: sliusarek

1 year ago#1
Just tried the demo and the game really seems to be a hidden gem. I was mostly hesitant because of how mediocre and complicated it looked on screenshots, but I am very glad I checked out the demo-version. Fantastic game!
I wish the developers would release it on Nintendo Switch one day.

P.S. If anyone still hasn't played, the game is for sale on PSN for 19.99. : )

User Info: kidrobot

1 year ago#2
still on the fence about it
it looks cool, but the difficulty is putting me off lol
how hard is it to the average gamer?
and whats the punishment for failing a mission?
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User Info: thecatsix

1 year ago#3
Easy mode is a great challenge. Normal mode gets frustrating.

You can save pretty much anytime, and you'll need to do that. Failing a mission means reloading.

I had a lot of fun with this. The later levels force you to use everything you learned, but it's not impossible on Easy mode. Normal feels too unforgiving for me. You need accuracy that probably fits better with mouse and keyboard. Easy with the controller works fine.

I really enjoyed this isometric Tenchu.
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User Info: sliusarek

1 year ago#4
I love how the saving is implemented in this game. I mean, quicksave with a touchpad. Finally the touchpad is of some use. A simple idea but I wish more developers would use it for quick saving.
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