Thieves better fighters than fighters!

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User Info: eolsunder

1 year ago#1
well i decided to play through this time more as a thief, and i have to say had lots of fun, most always suggest fighter, or mage, but as a thief? I found i was a better fighter than.. a fighter.


Fighters in planescape don't get the benefits normal fighters do in regular D&D.. big armor to lower your ac to tankiness, super weapons that overpower mage/thief weapons, etc

Because of how planescape is done, your character can get early fighter levels for extra health and still be a mage or thief or what ever later, plus high constitution makes ANY character 400-500 health basically a sponge tank, thief or otherwise.

Here is what you get as a thief.. You take 12 figher levels to get your 7th/12th specialization for the extra 2 proficiencies. You train in fists so your fighter/thief can fight with great punchdaggers which are just as good as fighter weapons, though you don't find them as easy. Then its thief all the way.

Thieves will have the same fighting prowess as fighters due to proficiencies carrying over, along with heath and basically same AC due to no armor for fighters. Thieves can also stealth/backstab making them 1 hit wonders on hard foes at higher levels, plus can pickpocket and detect traps. Since thieves level up super fast, you can get higher stat points than a fighter, boosting your strength/con/wisdom/dex, what ever up more thus making you stronger, tankier, faster than any fighter.

And they are more fun, the stealth/backstabs, just pickpocketing every npc you walk by for extra items, stealing what you want from the store saving you tons of money. Thieves? Yes better! They don't beat out mages, mages are just darn fun to play, but they are strangely better and stronger than the fighters in the game due to the ruleset/mechanics.

So, fighter with 500 hps and a big axe and 3 attacks a round, or a thief with 500 hps a dangerous punchdagger and 3 attacks a round, plus backstabs, stealth, stealing, and much higher stats.
I am outraged! I am outraged beyond words! Yet...I have something I want to say..
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