what classes were the incarnation?

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User Info: bibiGAReeb

2 years ago#1
i think the paranoid one was a thief/mage due to the contents of his hotel room.
also theres his arm, its about to come off. its probable that the arm found in the tombs belongs to him and that one was a thief. one more thing is that strangling ppl gives u his memories and thats a thief like thing to do

practical incarnation was a fighter/mage. someone posted his stats and i dont know if its confirmed but he had both int and str at 25.
he was also friends with dakkon another figher/mage. okay maybe they werent friends but still fighter mages gotta stick together.
mortey said he was a tough basher, and he was able to pull him out of the skull pillar thingie implying uber strength.

i dont remember but it was implied that he was a mage too somewhere.

the teacher of ignus was a mage, also a douche .

yemmeth was a warlock. some mage thing

the 2nd incarnation. he was ummmmmmmm poo.

last but not least the gud incarnation. i got no idea about him
he was just very gud

it seems almost all of teh incarnations are implied to mages. probably cause mages r broken
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  3. what classes were the incarnation?

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