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SaffronGhost 6 years ago#1
So in the very first town, a man is blocking an area to the right.

I talked to him, he mentioned monsters, and I was able to run past him. I spent about an hour in the area beyond, leveling and getting monsters for my team. In the mines, I went down a screen and the character walked himself next to a mine cart and stopped. The controls also stopped working. So I said, maybe I'm not supposed to be here yet, and backtracked to town.

Now I can't get back into town, because the guy won't move and I can't get past now.

Two bugs for one, and I have to start the whole game over!
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DarthPaleDim 6 years ago#2
I never had many problems while I was playing it until the end of the game where I couldn't advance to face the last boss.

I tweeted the company directly through Twitter on Friday, explained my issue. They replied Saturday that they would fix it and today a patch released that allowed me to advance.

I suggest messaging them with your issue too and hopefully they'll fix it as fast they did mine.
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SaffronGhost 6 years ago#3
Amazingly, same story here.

AND, I've logged like 9 hours since. The game is amazing, and just needed a little tweek. I regret the title.
BF ID - 6257180443
Lead: (B) Ensa-Taya/Sirius/Miku, frogged and imped.
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