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kryten33 6 years ago#1
I already purchased this for PS3 / Vita. Wondering if it'll be cross buy with PS4 so I won't have to purchase it again.

OccultTech 6 years ago#2
No, it isn't.

They've done that with a few games lately, such as Rainbow Moon.

If you're lucky, and they do what they did with Rainbow Moon, you'll get a discount on the PS4 version for owning the other version(s) already.
captainjeff87 6 years ago#3
I doubt it since it wasn't mentioned in the original blog post.

Although I can't imagine it'd be too expensive though even if there isn't a discount and it's worth buying again because any money they make from this will go towards Book III.
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StonerJack 6 years ago#5
Ummm... Mine was free. I assume it's because I already have book 2 on vita
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kryten33 6 years ago#6
Yes it is! I too was able to just go and download it on PS4.

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