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User Info: Kokuei05

11 months ago#1
the slurp b**** on the over world that spawns half way across the map and sucks you dry.
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User Info: qberry222

4 months ago#2
This one gets a bad rap, but it's got charm for days, the overworld takes all the sting out of backtracking, many of the 'unnecessary' battles people b**** about can be avoided, and if you keep a balanced portfolio of cards the game isn't that frustrating. Just go refresh your Things from the Wringer. You'll never be short on coins.

And I think it's easily got the best OST of the series.
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User Info: AtticusFinch

4 months ago#3
Kokuei05 posted...
the slurp b**** on the over world that spawns half way across the map and sucks you dry.
One time there was just no way to stop him. Even tried resetting to beat him. So stupid.

User Info: katieelizabeth

2 months ago#4
For a game that is absolutely fun to play when it's working well, especially in the characters, writing and environments, it has made some really odd design choices that just raise my anger sometimes. Not enough to stop playing the game, but it does me go wtf Nintendo, did you not test this?

For me, the "tap + buttons" mode saved the game - it's a lot faster than advanced. I wish all the menus did not require the touch screen, because getting out the stylist and putting it back, etc. really slows down the pacing for me, and it just feels bad. I wish they ditched the forced usage of the touch controls altogether - it adds nothing to the game other than slowing the player down. If the entire game could be played with the stylist, I might be okay with it, but having to switch back and forth just feels really awkward.

I used to think the cards was annoying, but once I realized you get to 9999 coins pretty easily, you can more or less buy and waste cards to your liking - it really doesn't matter. One wonders why cards deplete at all.

I do have some big issues with the cards though.

  1. I wish they stacked. I know some can be painted, half-painted, etc., but scrolling through a long list (especially with the stylist) just feels awful. Also, you can move cards to different locations rather than scroll - as the gamepad sometimes cannot distinguish between these two actions as you swipe through the cards. It's nowhere near as bad with the directional pad, but I really wish I could just see the cards with quantities like items often are in a Final Fantasy game or whatever - like why not?
  2. The inventory space. I'm replaying the game, and I'm not sure if you get more than 100 cards, but wow is 100 a low limit. This one is extremely annoying. Like come on Nintendo. Do I constantly have to go into my cards menu, scroll through my cards and delete one with the stylist every time I come across a card I can't fit into my inventory? This ruins pacing so much.
Ultimately, I wish the cards were rarer, but were reusable 5-10 times depending on the quality of the card. This would clean up a lot of the clutter i have with the game. It might also be a good idea to have a base jump and hammer card that does not deplete, just to get rid of the random card mechanic if you run out of cards - like holy s*** is that stupid. Even in the tutorial, I got a mushroom to heal rather than an attack card - like not working as intended.
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User Info: DP3

2 months ago#5
Roshambo temples 7 and 8 turn this from a 7/10 game to a 6.5/10. 100%ing this shouldn't require dumb f***ing luck. I've seriously wasted two hours of my life and counting thanks to temple 8.

I've faced the rock paper wizard in temple 8 now 12 times. I have lost all 12 times. The odds of that happening? A mere .02%. I am having some astronomically bad luck.
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