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User Info: FrozenSriracha

11 months ago#1
I missed the event looking for marshadow that is battle ready. I have alot of Pokemon just tell me what you are looking for.
(message deleted)

User Info: NeoArashi

8 months ago#3
If you want something, you're the one that need to make an offer for it. You have to show us what you're willing to trade for it.
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User Info: PugLover2377

3 months ago#4
You know how to clone?

User Info: Austin11206

2 months ago#5
i got one if you have any legit shiny

User Info: PkNottz421

4 weeks ago#6
I have one if you have a legit Volcanion or legit Original Colour Magearna
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User Info: Thard_Verad

4 weeks ago#7
TC has not been seen in ten months. (Also, Original Color Magearna cannot be obtained in Gen 7. It is distributed through Pokemon Home)
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