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User Info: UltraSUPRA

2 months ago#1
I am not the biggest fan of the Pokémon franchise. I like the games, have a soft spot for the animé, and will occasionally pick up a pack of trading cards (actually I've only done that once, and it was my sister who bought the big box of packs and she was just nice enough to let me open half of them and keep them and the Pikachu EX promo), but overall, I find the series to just be

My first foray into the series was with Pokémon Black. While it wasn't as fast-paced as most of the other games I've played (which at the time were platformers, racing games, and action RPGs), however it was a solid experience with a decent storyline.
Flash forward to 2016, when I got the second Pokémon game that I legally own, Pokémon Red on the 3DS eShop. While I wouldn't say it's as amazing of an experience as Black, I did have my fun with it, and to this day it's the only Pokémon game that I've ever beaten.
Then came...yesterday, when I decided to pick up Pokémon Sun because my sister already had Pokémon Moon. Hoo-doggy.
So the game starts with the world's longest wait to get a which you're greeted to a couple of characters.
First you have Professor Kukui, your cousin who knows way too much about the island.
He asks you what you want your profile picture to be and it decides what hair and skin color you have along with whether you're Riku from Kingdom Hearts or George Washington with the Super Crown.
After that, you're given a cutscene featuring another character, Lillie, who's running away from the police carrying a demon in her bag.
Then you're dropped off into your room, and you finally have full control of your character. Now let's go outside and walk into some tall grass so we can get our sta--NO.
After all, you just moved into Off-Brand Hawaii, so ya gotta unpack your stuff!
Okay, so we got our stuff, now let's get out there and go outsi--NO.
Kukui just goes into your home without any warning except for a few knocks. He says that he wants to show you around Melemele Island. Finally, I can go across the street and get a Pokém--NO.
Kukui walks you to where you need to go to get a starter, but the road is long and plagued with dialogue of Kukui pointing out the most obvious things. There's even a mandatory catching tutorial! What the hell happened to yes/no questions on whether or not you need this crap?
Then you finally get to the island where you choose your starter. So you choo--NO.
The "kahuna" isn't there so you go to the next area where Lillie's demon, now revealed to be an adorable Cosmog, is being harassed by a couple Pidgeys...on a bridge. And Lillie can't whack some birds in the face with her bag because she just wants everyone to be a pacifist. (Well we can't all have nice things, now can we?)
So it's up to you.
To save a Cosmog.
From a flock of birds.
On an unstable bridge.
Fifty feet up in the air.
It's perfectly safe.

And wouldn't you know it, the bridge breaks and you fall to your deaths--I mean you get saved in the nick o' time by Tapu Koko, the Pokégod that ISN'T Arceus.

Then you go back, the kahuna comes back and you FINALLY get to choose your starter.
I for one chose Litten as my starter. I'd have chosen Popplio because my little sister Emma also chose Litten, but she told me about Wingull.
Then comes your first battle. You meet your rival Hau, who is neither a jerkface like Blue nor mentally insane like Bianca -- hopefully a first in the series. He challenges you with his...Rowlet.
He challenges you with his Rowlet.
I chose Litten.
He chose the weaker Pokémon.

I think I'm done with this. My story didn't end there, but this story most certainly will (for now).
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User Info: Andre88

2 months ago#2
Plot twist: you're the rival this time.
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User Info: BlissedIgnoranc

2 months ago#3
I'd say D/P were pretty bad tbh, with how slow they were. Plat and the HG/SS games saved that gen for sure.
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User Info: KujikawaRising

2 months ago#4
I gave up after way too much of this hand-holding BS. It felt like I wasn't playing a game, just watching a really boring "interactive movie" with a lot of pointless talking. Even worse is that the game tells you which move to use against any given opponent, so even the battles are dumb.

This is far and away the worst mainline Pokemon game and the only one I haven't beaten. DP were below par too, but not THIS bad. This is barely even a game since you have no choices to make (even in battles!), puzzles to figure out, or... really anything to do but let the game ragdoll you.
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User Info: elconoM

2 months ago#5
Only thing I find worse than the scene following victory over the Elite Four is not being able to skip scene with push of a button or a “speed toggle” within game options
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User Info: zifernando

2 months ago#6
Bro you should've bought Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, they fixed most of these things and the game starts way earlier than in Sun and Moon, you find Kukui in the first patch of grass and he gives you your chosen Starter
And for that guy who said "the game shows which moves are super effective" yeah it does, but only with pokémon you've already encountered
The game is meant for kids and it should be fun, not hard for yall, if you want some difficult stuff go to competitive mode and start your crying
It's one of the most fun pokémon games I've ever played, you don't need to worry about useless stuff, you don't need to lose lots of time with pointless stuff
Stop the butthurt
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are amazing, Sun and Moon not that much
Hope this helps (also Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were released in november 2017 and are enhanced versions of Sun and Moon with some nice changes but not like Black and White 2 that was a whole new game, this is just a cooler fixed version)

User Info: zifernando

2 months ago#7
elconoM posted...
Only thing I find worse than the scene following victory over the Elite Four is not being able to skip scene with push of a button or a “speed toggle” within game options

This is can't be done since X and Y (and all of the other Pokémon games that you play in an actual console and not an emulated version)

User Info: Skull_pro

2 months ago#8
Andre88 posted...
Plot twist: you're the rival this time.

you clearly don’t know how rivalry works.

That said, Sun and moon were some of the most fun games I had in a while, despite the lack of Post Game (the Ultra Beasts Quest was too short) USUM are better though.

And worst game title go to gen 1 and 2
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User Info: OfficialPotato

1 month ago#9
zifernando posted...
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are amazing, Sun and Moon not that much
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User Info: Johnny Eagle

Johnny Eagle
1 month ago#10
Not even remotely close
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