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User Info: ToxicMinded-

2 months ago#1
I'm looking for a shiny ditto to breed with. Some of my offers are a level one hundred volcanion, level sixty shiny sunfisk, tapus (I have all of them, two of them at level sixty, another at level seventy nine, and another at seventy eight.) Thanks in advance, and if your not interested in those, theres a few legendaries I can go through and see if there's any I could trade.

User Info: BlissedIgnoranc

2 months ago#2
Shiny doesn't really help produce other shinies, just for reference. So a shiny ditto doesn't help produce shinies any more than a normal one.

Masuda Method is when you breed pokemon from two different languages, so you'll need a ditto that's foreign language/different language than your game.
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User Info: ToxicMinded-

2 months ago#3
I know that it doesn't help make other shinies, I just like how it looks lol.

User Info: PlzenterYT

2 months ago#4
I have one. I'll take that volcanion. May not be able to trade today though. Im using pokemon Ultra sun so just gonna let u know that. Edit: fare warning, its abilitie is pretty much the same a his move so he wont tranfoem in to a shiny version unless you can get that abilitie out
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User Info: ToxicMinded-

2 months ago#5
Mind me asking what level it is?
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User Info: PokemonPedro

1 month ago#6
If you're still interested, I have a Level 26 Shiny Ditto that I obtained with the Gen 1 Mimic Glitch. I can transfer him over from my Crystal.

EDIT: Actually, he's level 79 because of me breeding to get shinies, lol.
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User Info: Skull_pro

1 month ago#7
I can get extra Ditto from the Mimic glitch.
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User Info: Dezasterpiece

4 weeks ago#8
hello you still have that volcanion I have a 6IV chinese shiny ditto I Ve got from wonder trade but still good to breed if you interested let me know
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