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User Info: bookwormbabe29

4 months ago#1
Topic, really.

The story: I have not touched this in a long while, but my nephew is into it now so here I am.So for reasons only known to a 7 year old, I need to use an all grass team, and he is using an all fire team. I don't have one trained, so I'm trying to wing it and losing a lot. I am currently running Decidueye, Venusaur, Exeggcute, Torterra, Ludicolo, and Chesnaught, as that's what I had in my boxes. I'm thinking of raising an army of Ludicolo's for laughs, but trying to come up with other ideas too. Oh, it's for double battles mostly, as again, the 7 year old demands it. For what it is worth, his fire team is mostly starters, Charizard, Blaziken, Infernape, Incineroar, Talonflame, and Reshiram.

Any ideas would be welcome. Thank you for your time.
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User Info: finalrush7

4 months ago#2
Make it rain.
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User Info: Touya999

4 months ago#3
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User Info: face235

4 months ago#4
Hey, if Miror B. can kick ass with a party of Ludicolos, then you can too, @bookwormbabe29.
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User Info: Joshsun

4 months ago#5
Rain and Earthquake from Torterra would help you out.

User Info: Thard_Verad

4 months ago#6
6v6 doubles? I think Stealth Rock deserves a spot on the team. Cradily and Torterra can both learn it. Bonus points if you can phaze his fire-types around. And if he's pulling Reshiram out of the box, maybe throw Arceus-Grass back at him? *evil grin*

If you use Mega Venusaur, the Thick Fat ability will reduce his weakness to fire (and ice). He can learn Earthquake too.

And never underestimate the usefulness of Protect. If you think one of your Pokemon is going to be double-targeted, have it Protect itself to waste your foe's attacks while your other Pokemon strikes back.
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User Info: Linx_s

4 months ago#7
Off topic a bit, but I wish my nephew (a tiny bit older) would come up with neat challenges like this. He just keeps throwing legendaries (mostly dragon or psychics) at me, and wonders why he always loses to a Gyrados/Sharpedo.
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User Info: LuigiFan835

4 months ago#8
Mega Venusaur could be useful because of thick fat. Torterra’s pretty slow but if can get off an Earthquake it should do some good damage. Maybe occa berry to allow it to set up rock polish? Ludicolo with rain dance could work too
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User Info: Thard_Verad

4 months ago#9
Troll idea: Sun/Chlorophyll/Spore (or Sleep Powder)

Mwu ha ha. ^_^
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User Info: Revoltine

4 months ago#10
I would suggest having the following archetypes:

Trick Room Support + Torterra with Protect, Earthquake, and Rock Slide — extremely important against the speedy setup your nephew has. Will OHKO non-sash Talonflame and no bulk Charizard.
Heavy Duty Leftovers Pokemon with any 2 or more of these moves: Leech Seed/Ingrain/Toxic/Recover — stall Cradily fits this archetype too well against Fire types even Blaziken if it’s not using High Jump Kick. If it does, just use Protect and it will die from the “miss” damage.
A Venusaur with Thick Fat and a bit of bulk —for reasons already mentioned by others
Stealth Rock Support —best paired with a toxic spreader, sleeper, or a phazer
Rain Dance — already mentioned by others

If you’re willing to troll the hell out of him tho, try 6 Beat Up Kartana
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