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Did the game take pity on me?

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User Info: Gamecube_Gamer

5 months ago#1
It took three tries to beat the ghost Pikachu (I was unaware of Disquise the first time, played on tilt the second, and came up with a strategy in the third) without resetting after the first two losses.

But the third time, it was a lot easier, like the game decided to let me win and made some dumb decisions. And it didn't feel like I overcame a challenge, it more felt like the game said "You're having trouble, let me just get you past this."

So did the game take pity on me and let me win?
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User Info: TheShinyTrader

5 months ago#2
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User Info: Joshsun

5 months ago#3
Toxic helps in this battle.
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User Info: ZeraX7

5 months ago#5
This gameplay design is common, many games actually tone down the difficulty after the player lose several times. Capcom games are infamous for this technique. So I think Pokemon has it too?
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