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Battle Tree easy mode...

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User Info: darknile

5 months ago#21
ElNurgling posted...
Dry Skin Toxicroak is fine but Rain Dance is wasted on him (Bullet Punch/Fake Out/Swords Dance/Substitute would serve him better in that fourth move slot). I think he can perform well in a team featuring Drizzle Pelipper and Mega Swampert, with Pelipper being the opening act to set up automatic rain and annoy the opponent with rain-boosted Hurricanes and Hydro Pumps (or by Knocking Off some Life Orbs/Leftovers), and Toxicroak basically being on the team to take care of Grass types for Swampert. The frog can deal with Fairies as well as long as they do not carry Psychic/Psyshock.

I like that set up. Probably going to use Drizzle Politoed instead of Pelipper (unless Hurricane is needed?), thanks for the input on improving Toxicroak, rain dance is gone once I set up the Politoed. The Swampert's I've bred in previous games take hits very well.

Swampert [H:Swampertite in ORAS/Metronome in XY]
-Avalanche [Strongest Physical ice move I can get, and since I'm slow sometimes, doubles in power]
-HammerPunch/PowerUpPunch can't remember atm.

Gyarados team looks great too. Will be starting on the Mimikyu since I've been trying to build a reasonably competitive team for a friend as well. Metagross is also already on the list, but I'll have to start it on XY since that's my best breeding ground.
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User Info: ElNurgling

5 months ago#22
Hurricane has 100% accuracy in the rain, which is why Drizzle is a nice little boost for Pelipper. If you're not planning on using Hurricane a Politoed will work just fine, I guess.

Truant Durant can be caught in the wild in both X and Y if you have those games (they appear in hordes, and the Truant ones are easy to spot as long as you don't 1HKO the entire horde on the first turn). It's a fun gimmicky monster to use in the Battle Tree (the AI never seems to switch out) as long as you don't mind the battles taking forever. If you back Durant up with a Moody pokemon (Glalie or Bibarel for instance) you can have some really long, cheesy battles. ;-)
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User Info: Landorus-I

5 months ago#23
It already does. It's the regular Single/Double/Multi Battle mode.

User Info: videogamepharoh

5 months ago#24
Gunslinger0789 posted...
I usually stick to doubles but the following team got me to a 60+ win streak in super doubles. I don't remember the exact moves for everyone but I'll do my best.

Timid holding Charizardite Y

Heat wave
Fire blast
Solar beam

Jolly holding Groundium Z

Stone edge
Dragon claw

Don't remember nature holding safety goggles

Air slash
Tail wind
Don't remember


Modest holding choice specs

Hyper voice
Don't remember
Don't remember

Really straight forward strategy. Togekiss and Sylveon go out first. Togekiss sets up tailwind. Sylveon spams pixilate boosted hyper voice. Unless it's a special wall hyper voice will at least dent most pokemon. After tailwind wind Togekiss and Sylveon spamming hyper voice and air slash Garchomp and Charizard we're able to clean up whatever was left. You could change mons and keep the same strategy but I would suggest bringing a z move to hit evasion spammers.

your team gets bodied by air balloon heatran
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