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What starters have you chosen in each game?

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User Info: GardevoirFan82

6 months ago#1
My list:
Charmander(Fire Red)-Female
Oshawott (B2)-Female
What were yours?

User Info: Captn_Flounder

6 months ago#2
All water types in every game. Only skipped gen 4 and the initial BW, but came back for the sequels.
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User Info: DGWeasel

6 months ago#3
Bulbasaur(Leaf Green)
Chikorita(Soul Silver)
Snivy(White 2)
Mudkip(Omega Ruby)
Torchic(Alpha Sapphire)
PSN: DGWeasel

User Info: UUTrainer

6 months ago#4
I suppose I'll play along (assuming I recall correctly):

Silver -- Chikorita
Gold -- Cyndaquil
Crystal -- Totodile
Ruby -- Treecko
Sapphire -- Torchic
Emerald -- Mudkip
Diamond -- Turtwig
Pearl -- Chimchar
Platinum -- Piplup
Black -- Tepig
White -- Snivy
X -- Chespin
Y -- Fennekin
Omega Ruby -- Torchic
Sun -- Rowlet
Moon -- Litten
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User Info: Gasher4643

6 months ago#5
All fire types except for gen 5 and 7 bc they sucked badly
Gen 5 snivy / gen 7 popplio

Also nice username
Am also a fan
FC: 2165-9676-4862 IGN: AC

User Info: Mavitar

6 months ago#6
Blue: Bulbasaur
Yellow: Take a guess
Crystal: Cyndaquil
Ruby: Mudkip
Emerald: Mudkip. I lost my copy of Ruby around the time Emerald came out, and I wasn't very far in Ruby, so I decided to "remake" my Ruby save on Emerald by catching all the Pokémon I was using in Ruby.
Fire Red: Squirtle
Diamond: Piplup, but then I restarted and picked Chimchar. And that's how I lost my Ranger Manaphy. I was a stupid kid.
Platinum: Piplup
Soul Silver: Totodile
White: Oshawott
White 2: Snivy
X: Fennekin
Alpha Sapphire: Treecko
Sun: Rowlett

User Info: Tondelayo

6 months ago#7
Y - froakie (male)
alpha sapphire (treecko)
moon - rowlet (male)
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User Info: XImperialDragon

6 months ago#8
I've picked the Water type in every generation on my first play through, and when I got the second version later, I picked one of the other two. Since my answers for Red, Gold, etc., are known, here are the ones I picked on my second times through the games:

Blue- Charizard
Silver- Typhlosion
Sapphire- Sceptile
Emerald- Blaziken
Pearl- Infernape
Platinum- Torterra
White- Serperior
WB2- Didn't play
Y- Chesnaught
(Only got OR, no AS, so this was a Swampert only because already had Torchic from X/Y)
Moon- Decidueye
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User Info: ZeldaFan14

6 months ago#9
Bulbasaur, Totodile, Torchic, Chimchar, Oshawott, Fennekin, & Litten.

User Info: shinryu_omega

6 months ago#10
I've always chosen the fire starter for my first play through.
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