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So many rage quits I've experienced in this game...

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User Info: Joshsun

6 months ago#31
Mega Venusaur can be pretty bulky if there is no stab in the Z move. Being Water Fairy, Primarina lacks stab with Psychic.

Still. I don't see why you would disconnected after losing 1 Mon in a battle Royal, many cases, the tide can turn on the next turn.

User Info: _JuicytigeR_

6 months ago#32
From the past week I already dealt with quite a good amount. Hell, just recently I dealt with one who dc'd on me right after my Aegislash woke up on the very next turn and used Toxic on the Xurxitree who put me to sleep and tried to utilize Tail Glow, and this was only the second turn of the battle.

Idk why I continue to even bother anymore. Whether on Free Battle or Rating Battle (mostly Rating is where I go), I deal with this sort of thing very often. Not really fun.

User Info: JustinTheJagged

6 months ago#33
Pretty much every time my opponent spends a lot of time wearing my mega Aggron down only for it to get wish passed back to full health pretty much always ends in a rage quit.
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User Info: Huhlosers

6 months ago#34
I very often get them after the very first turn.

- Start of battle, I send out Lilligant, opponent sends out Swampert. Opponent immediately switches to Incineroar, Lilligant hits it with Sleep Powder. Disconnection.

- Start of battle, I send out Lapras, opponent sends out A. Raichu. I switch to Marowak, opponent quickly disconnects as he tries to do the surfing z move.

- Start of battle, I send out Illumise, opponent sends out A. Ninetales. I use Sunny Day, opponent's Aurora Veil fails and I get a disconnection right after.

- Start of battle, I send out Forretress, opponent sends out Blaziken. Opponent goes Mega and uses Protect, I use Stealth Rock and then he quits soon after.

- Start of battle, I send out Heliolisk, opponent sends out Groudon and goes Primal. As soon as I did Glare on it and it's Precipice Blades missed me, disconnection.

So many people don't care if they don't get points or get outright banned. They just don't want to give you anything if the battle doesn't go their way.
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User Info: RUKiddingME

6 months ago#35
Once in x after an intense battle my entie killed an azurmarill after its aqua jet missed, we were both on red health, last pokemon and that aqua jet should have been the end of me but somehow I survived and won... except my internet failed me 0_0. I couldn't believe it, to them they must have thought I rage quit due to the seemingly inevitable aqua jet of doom but instead it was my awful internet acting up °~° (ps I had this phase where I would only use legends but now I know the value of breeding)

User Info: HateReplying

6 months ago#36
Gothitelle + Taunt + Shadow Tag = high likelihood of rage quits from sponges (mainly Toxapexs).

User Info: Gamecube_Gamer

6 months ago#37
Gasher4643 posted...
Idk maby pokemon babied players all the way through the story and when it comes to online and they get trashed for the first time(s) they rage bc they dont know the feeling of and dont like losing
That and bad sportsmanship the compeditive world of pokemon kind of sucks for that reason but so do most competitive groups of games

The game may let you win and advance if you fail the same battle a number of times.
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User Info: Destinedmates

6 months ago#38
So this is still extremely common for many here. I actually didn't know. I swear.

Faced a bunch of others from the past week, another one from a stupid person recently. Started with Mismagius against a Sudowoodo. I paralyze it, and it loses a turn for being paralyzed. He does Sucker Punch on me, which nearly killed me, while I used Hex. I did Destiny Bond, and then he loses another turn from paralyzing. Then he does Sucker Punch on me again, which kills me, then kills Sudowoodo, then he disconnects.

User Info: quintonshark163

6 months ago#39
Here i was in my in-game days (by the time i was in Ula'Ula) i sent out Emboar and Roselia (before she evolves to the best grass waifu on Poni after Ather Foundation shenanigans with Lille, Nebby, Gladion and Lusamine) whiling sent out Dartrix and i forgot the rest of his pokémon, Emboar used Superpower to 1 shot Dartrix and his other mons (IIRC correctly) then quits, true story

Another time i triggered someone was when i swept and offensive with Trick Room in doubles, i sent out Emboar and Porygon2 (which caused the Trick Room as you all know) and he sent out Tyranitar and Gardevoir (IIRC) he switched Garde or T-Tar to whatever it was, i swept anyways with Head Smash or something whiling Porygon2 died, then i sent out Aegislash whiling i sent out Mega Houndoom but i swept it with Sacred Sword then sent out Garde and T-Tar again i sent the final blow with Superpower on T-Tar whiling Garde tried to kill him but its too late, Trick Room ended then he quits, although it's not 100% accurate because i don't the whole battle, its a true story anyways

User Info: chronoxiong

6 months ago#40
I only rage quit when my opponent has 6 Legendaries on their team. Yeah, I will admit that. But if my opponent has a regular cool team and I couldn't do my best to beat them, I will not rage quit and finish the battle in case they want to save it.

I just had a 6 vs 6 battle today where I thought I was going to lose but my Mega Scizor was doing some things and I turned the battle around in my favor. I thought this battle was going to finish so I can save it to view later but nope, my the connection with the other trainer was lost. Darn...
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