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Glitch I found

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User Info: BarryBee56

1 year ago#1
I found a glitch in the Battle Tree and here's how to do it:
1. Get a Pokemon w/ a rocky helmet or rough skin etc.
2. The opponent must know sky drop.
3. The opponent must have red hp.
4. Get the opposing pokemon to use sky drop. This will cause both pokemon to go into the air, but the pokemon will take damage from rocky helmet/rough skin, and your pokemon will be invisible! Everything else works fine though.
FC: 3583-2014-6664 IGN: Jaden

User Info: MegaAudino

1 year ago#2
Welp, time to ban Sky Drop again.
being Meguca is suffering...

User Info: tiathecat

1 year ago#3
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