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User Info: Minaru44

2 years ago#71
Not sure about that but there are other ways to save in the Plaza. You can go online and exit as well but Game Sync tends to mess with this somewhat, so do your Sync before you do a round so that you have an hour time. You can start a mission but that's wasteful of a ticket (not that you technically need them farming like this). But as I said, the most productive way is to have a VIP with TH2 ready. Do your round, grab a facility from Sophocles to replace your TH2 (always have it in front for this), go back and out talk to your VIP to get TH2 back on. That saves the game. Reset. Grab the Bottle Cap (you spare yourself 50 TC this way too) and continue. This way you farm TC and Bottle Caps at the same time.

The important thing is that you save in the plaza and then reset. Doesn't have to be with the switch.

User Info: guise-guise

2 years ago#72
does anyone use a signature for actually signing a post

User Info: Twinklestar

2 years ago#73
..........did you just bumped a STICKIED thread
(message deleted)

User Info: KidGamergrl2

2 years ago#75
How many Pokémon Festival Tickets; do you need so you can Participate &/or Host a Mission??

User Info: MarkofWisdom

2 years ago#76
one per mission to host, none to join
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User Info: Minaru44

2 years ago#77
I have like 112 tickets withering away in my bag...

Once you realize how fast farming with a plaza buff works, you never ever need a ticket anymore beyond getting you started to a point where you can effectively farm.

Even if you get extremely lucky and get a LOT of players to participate in Type Matchup and get even LUCKIER to score like 250 points or so... (I only managed a 5 star group score once) It's still hardly going to be productive. In that time you could have gotten the points of your guests and then some. ^_^
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User Info: Twinklestar

2 years ago#78
Yeah, I rarely see active mission nowadays, most people don't bother with it anymore, it seems. I never take the daily tickets anymore, in fact.

Especially now that we're getting 4000 FC twice in a row, one from previous Global Mission, the other from the currently ongoing one. With 8000 FC you practically have no need for the player-hosted mission anymore. Your Plaza should be somewhere between Rank 60-80 once the current Global Mission ends.
(edited 2 years ago)
Just wondering, sometimes, when I request a battle or trade, the person will "turn down" the request, but then they appear at the top of the guest list supposedly doing what I wanted to do with them. For example, when it says they "turned down" my single battle request, they appear at the top of my guest list, and it says they're having a single battle. Can someone explain that?

User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#80
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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