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User Info: Twinklestar

2 years ago#62
HylianAngel posted...
The sample size isn't large enough, but I believe that there are some other 5-star facilities that are version-exclusive that Serebii hasn't stated, based on the 1/3/5 and 2/4 pattern.

That reminds me, someone tried to SR the facility Sophocles offered, and was unable to get a certain 5 star shop after a long time of SR-ing, even though Sophocles has offered the 4 star version a few times.

He concluded that it's possible the 5 star is exclusive to the other version, something which is not stated in Serebii.

Unfortunately, it was an old thread, and I don't remember the shop and what version he's using. But I remember it was a facility that is not stated in Serebii to be version exclusive.
(edited 2 years ago)

User Info: HylianAngel

2 years ago#63
There's a lot of incorrect information on Serebii at the moment for Sun/Moon, but hopefully it'll get fixed. Mostly minor things, but it makes it a slight inconvenience to explain things to people because they don't believe me because Serebii states something else.

A few things on the top of my head:
- Incorrectly states that the portal to the Alternate World only converts a.m./p.m. when it actually sends you to 6 a.m./p.m.
- Some missing hidden items. It could also be helpful to mention which hidden items are regenerating, which is pretty much every hidden item that is on the sand and beaches.
- Fails to specify when certain items aren't obtainable 'til you beat the island's Kahuna or 'til postgame.
- Missing almost all the female accessories, many male/female Malie Community Center clothes, and almost all the female Moon clothing.
- There's a made-up Bouncy House called Phew-Phew Gym in the Festival Plaza page.
- A couple of mistakes on the correct facilities to send Plaza guests to.
- Missing all the Pokemon House phrases.
- Doesn't mention which phrases are exclusive to which star-levels.
- The version-exclusives when it comes to Haunted Houses, Lottery Shops, and Fortune-Teller Tents.
- Not an error, but it would be nice if there was a section on facility exteriors and NPC types since a small number of people care about the aesthetics.
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User Info: Warimano

2 years ago#64
I´ve seen people say that the most efficient way to get bottle caps is to have 1x Rare Kitchen, 1x Lottery swap slot, rest fortune tellers, or 1x 5*Fortune teller. Does the rare kitchen help with the bottle cap farming in any way?
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User Info: MarkofWisdom

2 years ago#65
I assume the rare kitchen is to level up pokemon with the meals it provides, it has no effect on the bottle cap farming.
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User Info: Minaru44

2 years ago#66
No. Rare Kitchen is to get you in range of Hyper Training because the experience formula is so crappy that going all the way to 100 is... well... very, very long. Basically what you want are 2 Rare Kitchens. 1 slot for Treasure Hunt Level 2 which you constantly swap around with a one star facility. Each time you reintroduce TH2 you get a Bottle Cap (all Lottery Shops have a set prize the first time you use them).

The idea behind 2 Rare Kitchens is that you can (and should) essentially stop levelling at 66. Eat 2 Rare Dinners to get you to 80 and then 2 Rare Buffets to get you to 98. Slap on 2 Rare Candies or just power through those last two levels outside Battle Tree with a Lucky Egg and then Hyper Train.

To break it down. Rare Dinner increases level by 7 for anything up to Level 79 and Rare Buffet by 9 for anything up to Level 89. That's why you eat the Dinner first and then the 2 Buffets. This costs you 800 FC per full session.

You can get away with 1 Rare Kitchen but then you have to either level more or do it in two days. This way you can Hyper Train one Pokémon per day.

Slap everything else full of Fortune Teller tents and reserve and Plaza Luck buffs to a day where you can efficiently farm for awhile. I consider this the optimum setup. One FC slot, one VIP with TH2 all at the beginning. 2 Rare Kitchens and the rest Fortune Tellers. Everything else can be done in other ways that shouldn't even take a lot of effort. You can reduce the cost for Bottle Caps from 150 each swap to 100 by always doing this whenever you level up. Just get whatever new facility Sophocles gets you, swap TH2 back in and collect your Bottle Cap. In fact I would never miss out on this opportunity once you have your Plaza set that way. Oh, and... collect whatever auto prize you get from an offered lottery of course (perhaps even the Haunted Houses).

User Info: LeninSpiker

2 years ago#67
i have a problem i changed the hour for day light saving time on my 3ds now the booths of festival plaza are not woriking i tried to change day and time but the problem is still there someone can help me? my pokemon is pokemon sun

User Info: Twinklestar

2 years ago#68
LeninSpiker posted...
i have a problem i changed the hour for day light saving time on my 3ds now the booths of festival plaza are not woriking i tried to change day and time but the problem is still there someone can help me? my pokemon is pokemon sun

Stop changing the time for maybe around 2-3 days
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User Info: Minaru44

2 years ago#69
Since I finally used up my double best buff of Plaza+WT today. Some observations I figured I could share.

1)Speaking to people (bubble reset) is definitely faster. Of course, if you are looking to try your luck with WT at the same time 32 FC each trade is nice but you can get more from pretty much each visitor with a best buff.

2) Highest you can get is 180 for getting a VIP properly set up with whatever person they are looking for. Non-VIPs still give 120 at maximum. Them telling you secrets and estimating ranking are the next bests to look out for.

3) FC given is definitely tied to how long you had a guest/VIP in your listing. If you have a buff reserved and want to really grind, I'd advise getting rid of all your VIPs (baring perhaps your TR2 but it's fairly common, so maybe just replace) and making new ones from current guests before you start. If you don't, you are likely to get reduced FC which is counterproductive. I am not sure if this is tied to Plaza Rank. I don't think it has anything to do with the level but I never make computer-generated (those without a displayed rank) VIPs anyway, so I'm not sure if the output is different.

4) Even with a good buff you can farm pretty quickly. With a best buff, it should take you about 4-6 rotations or so until you have what Global Missions would usualy give you at maximum. Always look for meetups, secrets and rank comparison in that order on your VIPs. If you find those, take it. Even if you don't get it right the first time. If you reset before doing one round and saving you could get something else instead. Once you have a comfortable set that gives you a lot, just repeatedly do this for an hour or so. You'll have more than you ever need. I am sitting at 17000+ right now (I had about half of that when I started and didn't even do it that long). With the GM incoming, that's like 30 Hyper Trainings reserved. ^_^ (I don't think I'll need to do any more grinding for a looooooong while)

5) To save you the trouble of flipping your wireless switch (I find it rather hard on the fingers to do this constantly) or worse yet dealing with Game Sync, always grab whatever Sophocles gives you at the end of one round (at a best buff you'll rise like 2-3 at least, I wouldn't go in for every one ^_^). Replace it with TH2 again which let's you save. Reset and during your next round don't forget to grab the Bottle Cap.

User Info: SupaCaleb0

2 years ago#70
Am I able to do this on a new nintendo 3ds? It doesn't have a wireless switch. - A descriptive definition to the overused word "Angst".
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