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User Info: the_maxx

3 years ago#1
My pokemon are just past level 50 and im trying to level up before the elite 4

I was told the rare kitchen work wonders but every time i try to buy a meal, it says none of my pokemon are available for esting it, but dont say why
They appear branded as unavailable

Why is that?

User Info: Nitemare667

3 years ago#2
depending on the meal, the basic meal works for pokemon up to lvl 19, the next one up works up to lvl 39 etc. so you need at least a 3 star rare kitchen to use it for your high level pokemon

also rare kitchen levels doesn't work like rare candy, so not only do you not get the change to evolve, but also lose a possible move when you level them up to that specific level, for example if you leveled pikachu to 42 with rare kitchen, you lose it's chance to learn thunderbolt
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  3. How does rare kitchen works???
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