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Favorite z move dance

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User Info: omisfly

1 year ago#11
Definitely rock

User Info: BattleStarX

1 year ago#12
Smash-brethren posted...
gotohades posted...
The dark one is my favorite, made even better by watching Nanu perform it.

made even better by gladions horrified reaction after seeing it

The truth here. Though I haven't used it myself, I don't really have any major dark move users.
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User Info: camstar57

1 year ago#13
Fairy, just for being so silly looking.
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User Info: shadowjourney15

1 year ago#14
Ghost because it's like "peekaboo!" and Fairy because you do a cute little heart and then the pose is quite fun to watch, plus the starry animation! I also love Alola Raichu's specific Z Move; the pose is the same as Electric except your trainer points up as A-Raichu surfs up and then poi ts towards the opponent and A-Raichu swoops down on them lol. Quite theatrical, those are the types I like~

User Info: -Sheogorath-

1 year ago#15
No love for the Catastropika dance?
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User Info: MysticKnives

1 year ago#16
Ginyu Force and Great Saiyanman would be proud.
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User Info: witchofthesword

1 year ago#17
Flying and Ghost are my favorites.
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User Info: CrescentShadow

1 year ago#18
Ice and Steel
less so Ghost
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User Info: GGuitarGuy95

1 year ago#19
The Rock.

User Info: GigaMan91

1 year ago#20
electric_emu posted...
the Rock one

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