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User Info: SirPikachu

2 years ago#21
Wow, you guys are mean. Yea it's common knowledge to you, but it's very well organized knowledge that would be very helpful to newbies. We were all newbies once and probably read a guide very similar to this one to get started.

Good job TC, I even learned some stuff I didn't know, like I didn't know that changed the limit to 252 and I didn't know you could EV train at level 100 now. I also completely forgot about the power item passing down thing. These things are not very common knowledge, especially to someone who is new.
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User Info: JayMan1

2 years ago#22
Fire moves are super effective against grass types. *sticky
Pretty solid, but I would probably add the following, given that wifi battles most often happen at level 50 rather than 100.

At level 50, it takes 8 EVs to gain a stat point unless it is the first four EVs being invested in the stat, in which case 4 EVs are required. So 4 EVs in a stat would be 1 stat point. 12 would be 2 stat points, 20 would be 3, and so on.
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User Info: jayman7

2 years ago#24
I did kind of imply it, but you're right that I didn't say it outright.

One little thing: That "first four EVs = 1 stat point at level 50" rule only applies to Pokemon with odd IVs. Granted, with IV breeding and Hyper Training, most serious competitors will have that anyway.
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This is certainly true, especially when it comes to breeding for Hidden Powers. I should have mentioned this myself.
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User Info: Lordgold666

2 years ago#26
A+++ poast!
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If i didn't just get cancer from viewing 80% of the posts in this thread then I must be an invincible maniac.

Can someone fill me on why everyone's being a dick to TC? i know the typical troll users are here but i've never actually seen them gang up this hard on one person.
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(message deleted)

User Info: spooky96

2 years ago#29
zhellybelly posted...
ShadowUmbreon42 posted...
Can someone fill me on why everyone's being a dick to TC?

It's information that has been available for a long time, and as such people don't think it should be available to new players.
Yeah, they're just being idiots.
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User Info: KadenHitsugaya

2 years ago#30
I say this is a good topic, those who say otherwise are stupid, yes this is common knowlage to veteran players, but to those that are new, it will help them greatly, because as "common" knowlage as it is, it is a hidden mechanic, no npc tells you fighting certain pokemon will give you certain stats, at most we get a "judge" that most people wont understand what the hell he is talking about( heck i didnt undertand IVs, i have only messed with EVs)
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