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SOS Chaining Guide

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User Info: TGO1125

9 months ago#241
If anyone finds a HA Pinsir can they trade it to me?
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(message deleted)

User Info: anoymous

9 months ago#243
there is a whole different board for this
and you decide to ask in a pinned topic that isnt even about that
explain yourself
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I completed the Alolan pokedex(in 90 pokèhours) and SOS chained. Took me 58 encounters till I found a shiny zubat. That's 6 minutes of hunting for it. I already have 19 shines which I might give away, should I?

User Info: Yuuriko

8 months ago#245
is there a chance of getting a shiny of evotion of that certain pokemon like salamance at level 6? and espeon?

User Info: floyd616

7 months ago#246
I found an inaccuracy in this guide so I thought I'd let you guys know. The guide mentions that no Pokemon with the ability Suction Cups are currently available in the games. This is false. Inkay has it, in addition to (iirc) Malamar.

User Info: PS2Gamer

5 months ago#247
Perhaps. But we haven't found it.
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User Info: Punisher

1 month ago#248
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