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User Info: quintonshark163

4 years ago#1
Melemele Island - Cyndaquil
Akala Island - Gothita
Ula'ula Island - Rhyhorn
Poni Island - Eelektross

Melemele Island - Totodile
Aklala Island - Spheal
Ula'ula Island - Swinub
Poni Island - Conkeldurr

Melemele Island - Deino
Akala Island - Luxio
Ula'ula Island - Duosion
Poni Island - Togekiss

Melemele Island - Horsea
Akala Island - Honedge
Ula'ula Island - Roselia
Poni Island - Leavanny

Melemele Island - Klink
Akala Island - Venipede
Ula'ula Island - Staravia
Poni Island - Serperior

Melemele Island - Chikorita
Akala Island - Bellsprout
Ula'ula Island - Vigoroth
Poni Island - Samurott

Melemele Island - Litwick
Akala Island - Marill
Ula'ula Island - Axew
Poni Island - Emboar

QR Codes:

Remember the list and this, Only 1 Scan per day and 1 hour to catch one after you get 100 points.
Oh and you can even catch one of them (each day) early on right now whiling you haven't completed your game yet.
The official Eggman + Bowser/Ridley/Palutena/Pyra+Mythra/Captain Falcon/Puff. My main is being voice by Jack Black, who i just learned he did the YTP clips.

User Info: Ansem_the_evil

4 years ago#2
I belive serebii alredy has such a list
AC: New Leaf dream code: 7E00-000F-88A7
Second town dream code: 6D00-0011-18C5
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