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Most Difficult Totem Pokemon?

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User Info: CharacterOS

1 year ago#31
Strangely, Lurantis was amongst the easiest Totems for me since Ribombee 2HKO'd it.

Mimikyu and Wishiwashi had me sweating though.

User Info: Reno_Tarshil

1 year ago#32
I tried using my Salamence's Fire Z-Move on Vikavolt but the mother f***er had a weakening berry on it..
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User Info: OniLink5000

1 year ago#33
Lurantis was rough. I blacked out once, and almost lost the second time. But I got by. I ended up 2 shotting it from full with growlithe. Sacrificed some pokemon for poison, brought in magnemite to bait a weather ball, swapped to growlithe for flash fire and that was the end of it
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User Info: dynamicdan

1 year ago#34
Wow. A lot of people are playing with exp share on. Soloed mimikyu with minior? LMAO...
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User Info: Kajagogo

1 year ago#35
The one I had the most problems with was Kommo-o.
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User Info: LowFatSardine

1 year ago#36
Wishiwashi destroyed my team besides one... An Oricorio who was 4 levels behind Wishiwashi and destoryed Wishiwashi with Air Cutter at half health.
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User Info: Frigorifero

1 year ago#37
Both Lurantis and Mimikyu were equally annoying because of their partners spamming Supersonic and Hypnosis respectively.

User Info: Cameron1058

1 year ago#38
Eh the only one I almost blacked out on was salazzle. For wishiwashi my strategy was to kill the boss first then the minion. Since the totem wishiwashi summons a small wishiwashi before alolamola I kill the totem pokemon first then the minion so alolamola never even gets summoned :P . I played Lurantis with my fire type after castform used sunny day :P

User Info: mico_ongo

1 year ago#39
lurantis because i had no real answer for extremely lucky getting its hp down to a sliver with growlithe sacing itself to use fire zmove and then lurantis refused to heal letting me get in a hit and KO'ing it....
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User Info: The_Ninjadillo

1 year ago#40
Haven't beat the last trial yet but for now I'm going to go with Lurantis.

Mimikyu is tough but all you really need is a Pokemon who can endure Play Rough twice. Lurantis on the other hand requires getting past Solar Blade, a move that also does tons of damage, and Synthesis.
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