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How pointless and annoying is Hau

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User Info: MysticKnives

1 year ago#51
skier8390 posted...
goodlyoak posted...
I don't like the fact that he never acknowledges me when I beat him.

Yeah that's probably the most frustrating thing because then he can be like:

"Ha ha this is fun" aka who knows if he really tried his hardest because this little b@st@rd is more clever than you think and plays head games.

F*** Hau

Ultimate Bro Hau confirmed to also be the Ultimate Troll Hau. Dat's just the way my bro rolls. He laughs it off, making you think he didn't really try, and he just sparing you from the shame, cause he know dat dis' is our story, so he can't steal our thunder.
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User Info: Mavitar

1 year ago#52
I just did the third fight against him.
...he almost swept my entire team with Raichu alone.
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User Info: watersprite_12

1 year ago#53
I'd say a 2-3.
He is one of the best friendly rivals, being more laid back as apposed to just there to tag along with you.
Also, he puts up a good fight. That Aloan Raichu out of no where was an immediate threat island 3.
I'm glad I had a magneton to resist it.

It's funny i was thinking how come I got the TM for Phychic but he just got food, but then you realize his Raichu already knew it!
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User Info: Twinklestar

1 year ago#54
He can be so hyper sometimes that he ends up ignoring his surrounding, caring only about what's in front of him, unaware that it might be an annoyance to someone else.

Like when the trio (we, Lillie, and Hau) are checking out Hau'oli City, he implies he and Lillie should show us the city together......then proceed to run on his own.

Or when he was so overly happy about going to the next island that he completely ignored what Lillie is worrying about and suggest that she only cares about her "silly" hat. Not to mention pushing the "grandma" just sounds plain rude.

That's pretty much the only thing I hate about Hau though, other than that, he's okay.

User Info: Melkac

1 year ago#55
Frostshock posted...
The fact that he chooses the wrong starter to fight you with makes him unworthy for consideration as a rival.

Because he isn't your rival.
Gladion is.

User Info: MysticKnives

1 year ago#56
Melkac posted...
Frostshock posted...
The fact that he chooses the wrong starter to fight you with makes him unworthy for consideration as a rival.

Because he isn't your rival.
Gladion is.

Lol Hau is just as much as your rival.
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User Info: OniLink5000

1 year ago#57
Hau just seems kind of like whatever i lost who cares it's just a game

that's better to me than

i have to find my sister's purrloin you guys are a******s


*cough cough* i'm sick.
Good. You didn't skip over this line of text. This part of the post is actually quite significant and very, very important.

User Info: ShinyDesu

1 year ago#58
Well, sure Hau seemed to be a bit too overenthusiastic at first, but when we first encountered Gladion, what Gladion said really made sense (he said something along the lines of Hau being overly happy just to cover up his disappointment).

Hau is actually pretty interesting (and even realistic). He's the grandson of a Kahuna. A lot of expectation to succeed is put on him. Some people can flourish under that pressure, but because WE are there constantly outdoing him, it's probably a bit disheartening. So whenever he loses, he's just smiling as a coping mechanism. I mean, don't you guys know anyone who has acted as if their loss in a competition didn't matter or something along that effect? People do it all the time.

User Info: razordrakegorz

1 year ago#59
The fact that he never wants to go all-out against me and that he never acknowledges his losses makes me feel even more looked down than what Silver does in gsc. They really wrote Hau as the role model of douchebag and humiliating him is very rewarding.
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User Info: Darkhero555

1 year ago#60
I kinda like him, actually.
The self-proclaimed king of not giving a damn.
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