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  3. anyone else having blurry text during cutscenes?

User Info: sharinganlucari

3 years ago#1
the text when there are cutscenes/npcs talking tends to be either clear or blurry as heck. anyone else noticing this? its as if the resolution on the chat boxes keeps changing
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User Info: XxNiqueoxX

3 years ago#2

Somebody else had noticed it too!

The first time I actually noticed it was some text from Prof. Kukui in the trainer school. At first I thought it was just my eyes, but no, several different boxes of chat are all blurry throughout the game.

It's actually really really annoying.

User Info: EmperorEhryn

3 years ago#3
I'm just wondering why I have a 3DS XL if nothing is 3D. Also... why do I have a 4K tv when nothing is in 4k? Smh.
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User Info: DontWorrii

3 years ago#4
Okay, so it's not because of the heat affecting the cold air. Someone else has noticed.
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User Info: The UnLucky Cat

The UnLucky Cat
3 years ago#5
Some text from some NPCs sometimes is blurry. It's weird.
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User Info: codin64

3 years ago#6
YES! I was about to make a topic about this. There is a NPC in a pokemon center on the right side (can't remember the city) that has extremely blurry text. It's happened in a few other places too. It's very odd that it wasn't fixed before release. I'm really curious to know what causes it.
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  3. anyone else having blurry text during cutscenes?
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