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User Info: somelatinphrase

2 years ago#31
kirby7374 posted...
I though the people here were just being ridiculous at first but after a while I started to laugh about it.

But with only 5 weaknesses and resistant to 7 types of attacks, great for any grass combo, if it's strong, it might make one of my teams, probably the Litten team since Popplio will most likely be Water/Fairy.

Can't really go wrong with having more than one fairy on the team. Especially since Water/Fairy and Grass/Fairy only share one weakness, poison.

User Info: yummychop

2 years ago#32
Meh, you have to squint to see it and the shape is all wrong.

User Info: DekuPoe

2 years ago#33
It looks cute. Also, screw that spoiler tag.
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User Info: Jiyuu Falcon

Jiyuu Falcon
2 years ago#34
dezmomo posted...

I saw it too XD

Yeah, I read your post the first time. Being unable to unsee it was the reason I couldn't see the "pants made out of dead Jigglypuff" thing.

User Info: DOTBHDD

2 years ago#35
how could people hate it!? it looks adorable.

and that f***ing spoiler tag...
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User Info: VoidBeyond

2 years ago#36
mnkboy907 posted...
Kona14 posted...
Yeah, it sucks.

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User Info: Ragiroth

2 years ago#37
SkyWolf78 posted...


What's the spoiler tag?

User Info: Isiah Zombie

Isiah Zombie
2 years ago#38
SilentSnore posted...
Thanks for giving us a heads-up.


User Info: SimonBlueBerry

2 years ago#39
I quite like the creepy face, but the mon itself is hideous aa hell lol and I thought they reached the bottom with Amoonguss.
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User Info: CrimsonX4

2 years ago#40
I liked Morellu's evo. Finally a creepy fairy!
But after reading the spoiler... I love it lol!
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