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User Info: mistress9

4 years ago#1
Taken from gameonion on twitter (images originally posted on 2chan). These look pretty high quality, or at least match up to the general art style. Probably fake. Dunno.

Mega Tropius

Mega Sandslash

Mega Arbok

Mega Fearow

Mega Ninetales

Mega Lapras

Mega Lugia

Mega Ledian

Mega Dewgong

Mega Rapidash

Mega Kricketune

Mega Ho-oh


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User Info: NinjaKitsune

4 years ago#2
I'm hoping not fake, for the simple reason that Mega-Tales looks splendid.
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User Info: nightblade_hawk

4 years ago#3
That Mega Sandslash would fulfill my dream but yeah...unless it is on Serebii all of these are fake.

Also where is my Mega Ariados. :/

Okay, those are fake I just realized there's a Water Mark. XD

Thanks for pointing it out person below me.
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User Info: AlphaDrogon

4 years ago#4
Lol @ the watermark

User Info: MagikarpRules

4 years ago#5
2chan isn't that much better than 4chan about credibility. And Ledian is pretty odd choice. Is Ledian liked in Japan? It certainly isn't in this continent.

User Info: HeavyMetalLamb

4 years ago#6
AlphaDrogon posted...
Lol @ the watermark
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User Info: PlasmWraith

4 years ago#7
They're good, but still clearly fake. The art style is good, but still wrong.
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User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#8
Taking these with a grain of salt of course, but damn, that Mega Arbok would be cool! (my fanfics, please read) (my Shinies, not for trade)

User Info: GaiamageX

4 years ago#9
These look amazing. Has anybody tried reverse image searching?
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User Info: TrainerAura

4 years ago#10
That one time when you wish the fake leaks were real...

These are some serious looking megas that'd be amazing to see.
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