Looking for co-op partners

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User Info: smerf1

1 year ago#1
Looking for 3 coop partners. I use mic, PSN in sig.
PSN: Viva-La-Baz

User Info: Valtus3200

1 year ago#2
PSN: Valtus3200
Favorite Turtle: Raph
Current Stage: General Krang
Difficulty: Hard

User Info: CAiNiACprime

1 year ago#3
- - - FC = 2320 6482 7011- - - ACNL: CAiNiAC @ Koudelka
- - - PSN & GT = aPAWNinGAMES - - -

User Info: ukokira1

1 year ago#4
For PS3 users: Sonicforever1
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User Info: MelmanRGku

1 year ago#5
PSN: MelmanRGku
Favorite Turtle: Mikey
Current Stage: Finished the game on Normal single player
sic parvis magna - Greatness from small beginnings
PSN_ID = MelmanRGku, 3DS FriendCode = 3711-7690-8896

User Info: NinjaTortugaX

1 year ago#6
I'm open to joining a group as well for trophy hunting and having fun

psn is NinjaTortuga
I'm in PST time zone and I'm normally on late at night
PSN: NinjaTortuga
XBone: TortugaNinja187

User Info: smerf1

1 year ago#7
Added all of you. I should say I prefer Raphael and I'm only on normal as only just started it.
PSN: Viva-La-Baz

User Info: GameplayZero

1 year ago#8
I made a topic already if you want more people to add. will just bump it

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