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User Info: NovaSaber

1 year ago#1
Is having accounts for multiple countries on the same system really just as simple as making a second user and naming a different location?

Or is there something else I have to do?

User Info: MahouShounenEL

1 year ago#2
that's it, they made it super easy on ps4. all you need is a real email address because they do send a verification email

User Info: NovaSaber

1 year ago#3
Will it work with the same email address as my US account, or do I need to use an alternate one?

User Info: MahouShounenEL

1 year ago#4
you have to use an address that isn't already connected to any psn account

User Info: greeeed

1 year ago#5
You also need to buy psn card to refill your account.
(You can't used USA visa card to buy from asian store)

You can buy some from
Though make sure that you are buying Singapore PSN card

P.S: Have the mouse arrow over the flag to show country name.

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