More scenarios/Clan events ?

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User Info: gatooo

1 year ago#1
I already have Sphere of Influence and I wanted to know if there were more scenarios (aside the siege of Osaka castle and the DLCs) available ?

Also, I wanted to know if there were more scenario events from different clans. In the original there were scenario events for the Oda/Toyotomi, Tokugawa, Date, Uesugi, Takeda, Hojo, Shimazu, Mori and Chosokabe (not sure for the last one, though). So, are there scenario events for the other clans, for example the Otomo clan, the Amago clan, the Ashikaga clan, among others ?


User Info: FellDude

1 year ago#2
I don't have the original NA:SoI available(downloaded) to compare but here's a list of the scenarios available in NA:SoI-Ascension on PS4.

01. 1551 Jan. Tutorial
02. 1534 Jun. Birth of Nobunaga
03. 1542 Aug. Viper of Mino
04. 1548 Dec. God of War Decends
05. 1551 Apr. Struggle For Power
06. 1555 Oct. Battle of Itsukushima
07. 1560 Apr. Battle of Okehazama
08. 1562 Feb. Stronger than a Alliance
09. 1567 Aug. Dawn of a Revolution
10. 1570 Jun. Nobunaga Besieged
11. 1572 Dec. Shingen's Final Step
12. 1575 Feb. Battle of Nagashino
13. 1577 Sep. Battle of Tetorigawa
14. 1582 Jan. Like a Dream
15. 1582 Jun. Fateful Clash
16. 1582 Jul. The Kiyosu Conference
17. 1584 Oct. The One-Eyed Dragon
18. 1586 Nov. Kyushu Conquest
19. 1600 Jun. Battle of Sekigahara
20. 1614 Aug. Siege of Osaka
21. 1615 Jul. A Time of Heros
22. 1615 Aug. Thirty Ambitions

I can't address the second part of your question about clan events as it's been awhile since I played the first and usually ignored/skipped the clan events after seeing them once. I never thought they'd rework the game and need to compare versions later. There is an event editor where you can create your own events(I haven't messed with it yet though).

That said if you're on the fence about getting the game, I don't regret getting it. Sure they reused alot of assets but the tweaks to the gameplay and the ability to play as officers make it a much better and deeper experience.
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User Info: demonicvirus

1 year ago#3
theres a ton of events here now. the only animated ones ive gotten tho were in siege of osaka as yukimura but theres alot more there
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User Info: x3dvvinx

1 year ago#4
There is a scenario missing in the English version. It's 1616 or 1617. I believe it's fictional, but it's after Osaka.

User Info: Xiahou Mao

Xiahou Mao
1 year ago#5
Are you sure that's not the unlockable one for finishing the Like A Dream achievement? A Time of Heroes?
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User Info: demonicvirus

1 year ago#6
theres the time of heroes one and dif one
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