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  3. How to find shelter in timefall rain?

User Info: gregcamhon

1 week ago#1
Only just started but finding the game way more fun than I expected.

Got caught in my first storm and couldn't see a cave or anything and just ended up crouching away slowly but all my cargo looked rusted.

Is there a way to tell where shelter is?
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User Info: KarasuShiro

1 week ago#2
Have only found one near the 3rd base you will reach its a natural little cave like the one in the opening
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User Info: 0tus

1 week ago#3
Yeah I think this is a bit silly. The game tells you that you should find shelter during rain, but often that's just not an option.
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User Info: OldKye

1 week ago#4
You can build shelter later but the best option is just to hurry through and repair spray your gear after.
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User Info: anony778

1 week ago#5
Are you playing online? if you open the map there's gotta be umbrella signs people have put there. Or you can look for bridges people have built. You can avoid timfalls under those bridges too.

User Info: gregcamhon

1 week ago#6
anony778 posted...
there's gotta be umbrella signs people have put there.

Just found a safe house sign someone left which is just shelter, sweet ty

You can actually wait out the rain right?
PSN: Namyenoh
Switch: SW-5592-3895-5009
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User Info: tonberrymasta

1 week ago#7
I don't think you can wait out the rain, it seems like it is trigger by the area you are in, and you have to walk outside that area to turn it off.

User Info: oasisbeyond

5 days ago#8
I think they wanted you to keep moving, you are a postman afterall :) Gotta make those deliveries. But, yes, this engine for some reason always lacks caves or interiors, found only one cave so far, just like mgs5 it lacks in that department.

User Info: Snake_eyebrows

5 days ago#9
At the timefall shelter structures you have an option to speed up time until the rain is over

User Info: Anakerie

5 days ago#10
I wish I could yank BB out of the tank, age it 20 years in the rain, and then make it carry ME for a change.
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