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  3. Death Stranding was never supposed to be made?

User Info: Saxon

1 week ago#1
This was the original NORMAN REEDUS adventure that you would be playing right now in a parallel universe in which it got finished.


User Info: egpNoodlez

1 week ago#2
NOCTIS: "Is this your idea of a joke?!"

User Info: thasnipermaster

1 week ago#3
f***ing Konami, because of them we got this balance simulator instead of Silent Hills. Unbelievable.
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User Info: Saxon

1 week ago#4
You think it would've been greater than DEATH STRANDING?

User Info: Master_Norris69

1 week ago#5
Man this is some old ass news TC

User Info: Saxon

1 week ago#6
Assuming SILENT HILLS would have went forward, would Reedus find a baby in this abandoned city and carry it around in his backpack or something?

User Info: KarasuShiro

1 week ago#7
Dammit saxon you re here too? Go back in wwe2k20 boards pronto! XD

Back on topic i would ve loved to see silent hills comoleted. Heck i still play PT on holydays like christmas and obv halloween.

Honestly thou i dont think silent hills and death stranding are mutually exclusive.

I mean sure there are some refences in DS like lisa and the bb referencing PTs lisa and the unborn baby in the sink but i think in an another reality kojima ciuld have made both games and they could co exist pretty well
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User Info: The_Fury_Wraith

1 week ago#8
Why yes, the main reason this game got made was because Silent Hills got cancelled. Not much else to it.
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