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User Info: DarkBlood1

1 week ago#1
Same graphics, same physics, same motion capture but different actors, same gameplay, same empty world, same radio messages from *Miller*, same interface, same good story, except one thing:

There is no combat, just a few random easy enemies/bosses that you can ignore/stealth/kill, 80% of the time you will do delliveries, from point A to B, its great the first 5hs of game because there are new mechanics for walking depending the terrain and your equipment but then... its boring and probably nobody will complete it 100%.

User Info: PhoenixFire99

1 week ago#2
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User Info: antking61

1 week ago#3
Metal Gear FedEx!
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User Info: Yuri_LowelI

1 week ago#4
MGSV is a masterpiece compared to this game.

User Info: DarkBlood1

1 week ago#5
Yuri_LowelI posted...
MGSV is a masterpiece compared to this game.
Yes, im currently playing MGS 5, its better in every aspect, and I have Death Stranding already bought but im not interested in playing it for now.

User Info: Terenigma

1 week ago#6
People always s*** on MGS5 for it's empty world and whilst i mostly agree with that specific view, the actual combat in that game was insanely good and nothing comes even remotely close to how good it was. Infiltrating a base no matter what always felt hella fun and you had SO many options and ways to do it and even trying to extract a hostage or target was a blast.

People have got to stop acting like it was a bad game, it was a fantastic game with a mostly bland looking world that was probably the only bad thing about it and there was still plenty of cool places to sneak around such as the mansion base or the airport and the two huge dam stations.
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User Info: LiquidDee

1 week ago#7
MGSV is my favorite game this gen. It still plays better than most games in 2019. Haven't played too much of Death Stranding but I hope the story is better than MGSV. It's been very interesting so far.

There's gonna be a mod that changes Norman Reedus's model to Snake for sure when it comes to PC.

User Info: Interfusor

1 week ago#8
I loved MGSV. In Death Stranding are there barely "regular" enemies?
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User Info: FlyinTonite

1 week ago#9
MGSV got repetitive in a hurry, I'd imagine this game would be the same but the core gameplay loop is way less interesting.
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User Info: Adyingod

1 week ago#10
Uh this is mgsv times 10. This game is actually finished it seems
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