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Kohlrak posted...
copenhagenLongC posted...
Kohlrak posted...
Pinochet89 posted...
He basically said that this game is showing what divisions cause to other people. As for Kojima using Trump and Brexir as examples, I believe it's because of deep political division in both countries and how that only makes people drift away from others, destroying friendships and families.

Warning, spoilers: The government outright hides the president's death early on in the game, because they know what's best for the people rather than letting themselves know. Bridges is also force recruited to do her dirty work, like some kind of destiny thing. It's not even his choice. The "good guys" straight up force this on him. He has to do what big brother tells him to do.

oh my God this is looking like more and more of a nightmare every day. Does "the president" happen to resemble hillary clinton, by "random chance"(lol)?

From an angle, yes, but it doesn't appear to be on purpose, as it's a much older and wrinkly Clinton-looking character, and only from that odd angle.

But, hey, for those thinking nothing about Metal Gear is present: "More importantly, someone has to carry on her legacy and see our country rebuilt."

And a woman who doesn't age is appointed president without a vote.


I see a much, much bigger plot unfolding, but i can't finger it until it fleshes itself out, just incase i'm wrong.


Man you know I was actually joking but if she actually does look like hillary clinton, even for one or two or three shots...this game is doomed. I am actually gonna get that upcoming sekiro/bloodbourne/dark souls like Star Wars game Fallen Order instead of this game now. Since that actually looks fun and EA was forced into making it by our boycotts and backlash. Kojima, if he doesnt quit the gaming industry anyway and he might(and SHOULD given his "inclinations"), he will be forced by the poor sales and poor audience reviews of DS to make actual GAMES - GOOD GAMES - WITHOUT his own personal radical marxist left politics shoved into it. This is how boycotts work after all. Or else they get too stubborn and stop making games, either one is better at this point that the s*** we're getting. This just makes me sad more than anything to be totally honest cause of how much I was looking forward to this; someone that didnt CARE at all about this game from the start wouldnt care at all if it turned out to be one of the worst "games" ever released. But I care. Which is why Im ignoring it.



Sam actually, straight up calls the SJW s*** out, only to be immediately "corrected." Yes, they are "just another cult." Those who are actually playing and might read back on this, please tell me you caught that. "These are not shackles, they're symbols of our bond." Just stop.

Main enemy camp is called edgelord--er Edgeknot.

Oh no! Oh my GOD. So its WORSE than we all thought lol....oh for real lol that made me cringe and then feel like gagging. I suppose Kojima thinks all of this is "clever" too, heh.
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Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy.
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Kohlrak posted...
Actually, that's not correct. Corporations are mini-governments in their own right. If i start a business in traditional capitalism, and own it, i'm the boss, and the private owner. With a corporation, i start a business using someone else's money (shares), with the agreement that i'm perpetually in debt to them, they also have the right to take the company and give it to someone else via votes (between those who own my debt). Now, given how difficult it is to start a business, anymore, it's almost necesary to do things the corporate way. Sure, private citizens are on that board, but it's now a government, and the chief executive (the president of the company, as we call them), is no longer beholden directly to the people, but the board of directors. Imagine if congress (like a board of directors) could appoint and fire the president at will. That is a corporation, except there is no surpreme court. Tell me how 3rd party owners of the company is pure capitalism.
You're absolutely correct on what a corporation is, but you're completely wrong in saying that isn't capitalist. Corporations are privately owned. Even "publicly traded" or "publicly held" companies are not publicly owned. In order to exist as a non-capitalist entity, it would have to be publicly owned (AKA state owned) or a cooperative owned and controlled by the workers. 3rd party owners don't preclude a company from being capitalist unless those 3rd party owners are specifically the state or the labor. That's it. That's what decides socialism vs. capitalism. It's 100% about who owns the means of production.
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User Info: Funcoland

5 days ago#134
Kohlrak posted...

If the didn't support it, they wouldn't've needed it.

But they did.

You see, a long, long time ago, the parents would raise children, and those children would take care of the parents when they couldn't take care of themselves, anymore.

This is true. Unfortunately, it's fairly expensive to take care of an adult in modern era. How effectively can their working or middle class Generation X or Millennial child take care of them? I'll tell you. Not well. And if they get especially sick, to the point their child would actually have to quit their job to take care of them... Well, without that social security multiple lives are f***ed.

Now, because taxes take so much (in more than just your income, but every step of the way, meaning everything is more expensive), no one has the extra money to do that. Now the system doesn't rely on you having your own children and your own connections.

Even with that "extra income", poor and working class people are kinda screwed without it.

In other words, boomers supported welfare so they didn't have to take care of their parents, or their children. Not every boomer was like this, but everyone joined the cult. Now, we all get to pay for it, 'cause now it's a hell of a thing to get out of this system.

The alternative is letting old people just die in the streets. Which is pretty f***ed up. It's not a good thing but it's something that's required now.
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User Info: Glasscut32

5 days ago#135
Kohlrak posted...
And when it flops, Konami's going to look like the good guys, which is a real shame.

Your opinion man.. just remember everybody has one.
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User Info: achilles18241

5 days ago#136
That’s rich coming from Kojima, he lives on an island so no walls required. Japan is one of the most hyper nationalistic\isolationist countries on Earth. Completely homogenous as well. The largest US demographic is barely half the country whereas Japan is like 99% Japanese.

User Info: achilles18241

5 days ago#137
Let’s let Japan take in half the third world, right after apologizing for Nanking and other war crimes. I love all things Japan but can’t stand hypocrisy.
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User Info: Mugendramon

5 days ago#139
copenhagenLongC posted...
Edit: and indeed WELL SAID Mugen an thanks for showing that to me; its harden my resolve about kojima. I had never seen that before. Suddenly its all coming together eh? I agree that he was filled from antiAmerican hatred for a very long time; perhaps even since MGS1 though it was HEAVILY subdued and so was it in all the games from MGS1 to MGS4...

Yes, you are correct that even since the MGS1 era (late 90's) Kojima was by that time indeed already far from being the biggest fan of the US, to say the least, as demonstrated in the MGS2 Grand Game Plan dated 01/08/99; for example with the Chinaman character's discrimination angle and a likely reference to the Vietnam War, etc.:
"Chinaman Member of Dead Cell. Practices qigong and kung fu. Vietnamese. Abducted in Hanoi by a black market adoption agency, he was sold to a buyer in America. After arriving in New York, he became the subject of discrimination, and, running away from his foster parents, went to the city’s Chinatown. Boasts that he is ‘more Chinese than the Chinese’, he hates America and New York City with a passion, thus leading to his participation in terrorism."


Although not many are aware of this, several more... potentially controversial insinuations were indeed "sanitized" from the early Japanese screenplay compared to the MGS2's final release version, of particular interest (the direct translations are bolded while the non bolded are what the MGS2 translator/localizer Agness Kaku provided):
Another thing, avoid fighting as much as possible, The goal is to collect evidence of new Metal Gear development and publicize it. It would be the best if you could escape without being discovered.
The mission objective is to make visual confirmation of the new Metal Gear being transported by that tanker and bring back photographic evidence. No destruction, please. Got it?

I know that. We're not terrorists.
Don't worry. I know the drill -- we're not terrorists.

That's right. We are an anti-Metal gear foundation "Philanthropy". We're registered with the U.N. as an NGO.
Very good. We're a 100% UN-recognized 'Opposition to Metal Gear' aka OMEGA. Don't you forget that you're a part of an NGO and can chew granola with the best of them.

Well, we're certainly a radical presence among NGOs.
Recognized, but still fringe, Otakon.


On it's own, the "radical" bit about Philanthropy doesn't seem especially suspicious... except that in the Grand Game Plan Solid Snake was being intended to be an agent for good'ol communist China:

Back to current day; the Kojima photo with his Che Guevara idol, the mass-murdering communist terrorist who nearly instigated a nuclear apocalypse raises some curious questions: Che Guevara was himself a huge fan of Mao Zedong and Maoism; it's possible that as early as MGS2 Kojima might've been having the idea of subverting Solid Snake by making him a Che expy, much like Kojima would later do with the Big Boss - Che Guevara parallelisms as made in MGS: Peace Woker.


User Info: Funcoland

4 days ago#140
Mugendramon posted...

Back to current day; the Kojima photo with his Che Guevara idol, the mass-murdering communist terrorist who nearly instigated a nuclear apocalypse raises some curious questions: Che Guevara was himself a huge fan of Mao Zedong and Maoism; it's possible that as early as MGS2 Kojima might've been having the idea of subverting Solid Snake by making him a Che expy, much like Kojima would later do with the Big Boss - Che Guevara parallelisms as made in MGS: Peace Woker.

The effort to paint Che Guevara as a monster is largely a product of American propaganda. That's not to say he's a hero. But when you actually do research on him, things are a lot more complicated. He was a violent revolutionary, yes, and he had no qualms with killing people who betrayed the revolution... But he also didn't target and murder random civilians like people like to pretend. He executed former revolutionaries, soldiers loyal to the enemy, etc. He was a bad man, but like most bad men in history, things aren't as black and white.

It's also a bit of a stench to blame him for the Cuban Missile Crisis. He played a part, but was ultimately dick-waving from Russia and America... And we're not entirely blameless. If we didn't install nukes in turkey, aiming them at Russia, it's something that never would have happened.
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