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User Info: Bigsasquatch67

2 months ago#1
Sorry if these are stupid questions as I am completely new to SRPG's in general and this is my first time playing one ( its the love of all things Gundam that bought me here primarily )

I read a few of the posts on unit levelling and so on and have a feel for putting points into attack / mobility / EN etc etc........

How about specialisation of those units and also the pilots ? i.e. is there real late game benefit in building, ranged , melee , Psycommu focus units ?

For example if its melee focus on ATK / DEF / HP

or ranged focus on ATK / MOB / EN etc

For psycommu based units I guess its kind of obvious to have a new type pot with high awaken stats and focus on that

For some of the other units its relatively clear they are short range/ melee units .....but how about pilots as you dont know in advance what skills they are going to develop if they are better suited to ranged / melee etc ? other than an indication already from their base stats ? It seems many pilots have both ranged and melee specialisations anyway ?

Is there any benefit for having the correct canon pilot in the correct suit ? and is there anything to indicate this from side stories where I haven't read the manga ?

at the moment I seem to be putting stats into what "seems" right but I am not familiar enough with SRPGS and the whole levelling , min max for later game etc

or perhaps I am just overly worried for a normal difficulty playthrough and should just go with it and enjoy ? can I get it badly wrong ?

thanks !

User Info: Taters660

2 months ago#2
If you are doing a normal playthrough, you don't have to stress much about what is the ideal mech for each pilot. The only benefit for having pilots in their "canon" mech is you get a little scene during combat during attacks with certain weapons where the pilot cuts in before the animation plays. The only rule I really follow is just to make sure you have newtypes available to use for any psycom mechs you are using. Min/Maxing isn't that big of a deal until Hell difficulty and even then once you unlock that difficulty you should have access to mechs like the Unicorn, the Banshee Norn, and the Hot Scramble gundam to deal with the power spike.

With points for mechs I just usually throw it into energy, more EN means less times you have to resupply in a warship. Either way you should be fine using whatever you want. Just pick what you like and roll with it.

User Info: zeroviral

1 month ago#3
Don't worry about it. If you really must. Most characters tend to reflect what they specialize in stat wise and in abilities. There are some exceptions but nothing big. Abilities wise, no need to stress as specialized abilities affects the respecting weapon itself, irregardless of unit specialization. Even the ones that increase damage unlike in previous entries where melee or range damage boosting skills requiring and only working on the unit that is specialized in said category. Example, GM Sniper II's beam saber getting the damage boost.
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