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User Info: Quinton89

1 year ago#1
Just bought this game big time gundam fan and I played I think its overworld for the psp the fan translated 1 but anyway I loved that game so I bought this one and some of the new mechanics I didn't understand at 1st but I'm getting the hang of it but the accuracy of your units compared to the A.I. is ridiculously stupid my allies units and most of the ships miss like 60% of the time so how am I supposed to get the get gauge full on white base if it misses and it takes forever to fill it and if I try to use the white base as bait I get swarmed by this mini crappy planes the keep hitting me for stupid amounts I'm getting pissed because I'm stuck on a stage I already beat just to fill the get gauge for white base

User Info: DarkSwordsman

1 year ago#2
The best stage to fill the GET gauge for the White Base is the first stage. Group Attacks will fill the GET Gauge much faster. Also, if you kill the secret enemies, the the GET Gauge will fill up even faster.
"Sharp as a razor." - Arnaud G. Vasquez (WA4)

User Info: Quinton89

1 year ago#3
Oh thank you I passed that stage and got white base the same day I posted it I figured that if you kill the stronger enemy's the gauge fills faster plus I got the white base on like stage 2 or 3 I think I dont remember but thank you for the advice I'm really loving the game just kinda sad that crossbones vanguard units arent in here

User Info: BarbatosLupsRex

1 year ago#4
best strat for get gauge is play on extra and kill the secret units. Also have units that can use map attacks to whittle down enemy hp.
Also save often in case you miss attacks.
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