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User Info: Yi_Long

2 years ago#11
DarkDoc posted...
Nothing is set in the city. All of the stages are from the actual WRC, with at least one of every surface. It is a bit light on tracks (for cars, it's just about ok).

Overall I'd say it was worth it, especially at that price.

Thanks, didn't know the tracks were based on real-life tracks.

I really prefer fictional track-design though, simply cause it offers far more freedom to create stunning tracks which are varied and gorgeous and fun to drive.

Probably a reason why I love Driveclub so very very much. Probably the best track-design ever collected in 1 game. Every track a joy a drive.

Really wish Sony had kept supporting (maybe even expanding) that studio and game, cause they could have added more and more and more to that game, like they did with the bike-expansion and the recent free city-tracks. Imagine a rally-expansion for Driveclub. It could have been better than Rallisport Challenge 2.

User Info: 50mission

2 years ago#12
Totally. Picked it up last week and was pleasantly surprised by the game. I'm not finding it terribly hard with the PS4 controller... just take it easy on the thrills.

User Info: DarkDoc

2 years ago#13
Yi_Long posted...
Thanks, didn't know the tracks were based on real-life tracks

For me, having real tracks is actually why I bought the game - I would probably have gone Loeb otherwise.

I made a FAQ for here, which had links to Google maps/aerial photos of all the courses in real life. The FAQ was rejected :-(
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