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User Info: yaridovic

1 month ago#1
I am having much trouble with this challenge. The last boss summons other bosses and I cannot do anything to stop him. What abilities should I use to do so?

User Info: Tidal_Rider

1 month ago#2
Hello, in general, when you use the Wizard Companion you can stop the summon by just attacking. You may also switch to Tanny and use the Rain of Arrows when the boss gets ready to summon. This stops the summoning.

User Info: CobraGT

4 weeks ago#3
There must be more to it than using Wizard's Companion or Rain of Arrows. The abilities on equipment make a huge difference. I just had Roland stop Slog 24 Temper Temple from summoning with the charge attack from Medium Method. I am looking at Roland's gear now and trying to figure it out.

High chance of putting foes to sleep, obviously.
Gloopy Curry. obviously.
Tactic Tweaker set to 5 vs Solid. obviously.
Higgledy traits. maybe.
Greatly boosts critical hit damage. ?
Zing gauge charges a lot more quickly x4. ?
Imbues weapon with light. doubtful.

I will list the higgles so that you can check out their traits. Who knows? It could be the zing gauge x4.

Tureen the Torrential
Dishcloth the Dragony
Mizzen the Mariner
Hibber-Gibber the Hopeful
GoldenSun/Crossbone Isle diagrams/ 18 teams known
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