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User Info: JayzE8

2 months ago#11
TomTomB posted...
This week, my PS4 downloaded a new patch. Was the rest of the season pass released or was this a bugfix? I must admit, I only took a 20 minute look at the new dungeon, was bored super quick and left the Game so I haven't seen anything that came after the main game.

You are not missing alot unless you are a trophy hunter
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I was watching gameplay of it and I'm glad I didn't bother with the season pass. There is little that is actually new aside from minor character stories and more dungeon crawling through the same stupid locations with one new "arena" space.

It's just half-assed with no actual newly designed locations, music, voice acting, or even new higgledy types. High Higgledies are no different than the others from what I've seen. Maybe I missed something because I fell asleep twice watching walkthroughs.

User Info: CobraGT

1 month ago#13
Check out the martial methods. I am sure there are videos. Hard to say which you would like best but most likely

Ding Dong Discipline
Magician's Companion

Classic method is the most OP. You get more power just buy collecting all 15 manuals and part of it works while characters are auto,
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1 month ago#14 story, art, music
GoldenSun/Crossbone Isle diagrams/ 18 teams known