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3 months ago#21
Lykouros posted...
CobraGT posted...
There are poison wands but seriously there are videos of beating the dlc boss on expert with Evan. I just googled. There are many good videos with Evan.


With all due respect, I know how to fight melee and play relatively smart, and I play the game on expert. What I am missing is what I need to not get one-shot by the last few Tainted Monsters. In that video, for example, I see that they are using healing higglidies, but I also see that when they get hit they aren't taking enough damage to OHKO them like I am. I am not quite level 99, but close. Is it just the equipment, then? I JUST started playing through the Faraway Forest; do I need to grind that until I get the best equipment possible?

Edit: My current weapons from Faraway only have ~300 attack power. Not sure on my defensive stuff but it doesn't seem that great either. I was doing Level 5 for a while, but I'm guessing I need to complete more floors to get the good stuff? I only went up to ~10.

Also, thanks for the vid - neat to see someone playing as close range Tani.

There's an accessory you can get that makes it so if you're above or below a certain % of HP and get hit with a OHKO move it will leave you with 1 HP. I forgot the name of it though. I THINK you can craft it in your town but not sure
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User Info: CobraGT

3 months ago#22
Unbreakable necklace. It is also an affix on armor.
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3 months ago#23
The AI is so bad in the game, I thought it was programmed by feminist who have gotten a gender studies degree rather than taking any programming or computer courses.

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2 months ago#24
New_Birdman posted...
My main issue is that the higgledies are mostly useless. You can make quite a few set ups but they dont do anything because the game is all about pure attack power.

I made special teams to fight kingmakers and on paper they sounded really good but in the end theyre all so weak it doesnt matter. Huge disappointment. Hoping the dlc changes something.

Higgledies are not useless, but they are boring. You can actually just let Higgledies just kill endgame bosses for you. Go look up the setup where you spawn higgledy knights. One spawns, the rest copy it, and they all just go mow down the boss for you while you stand back and watch.

Let me be clear, my complaint is not that the endgame bosses are hard, it is that the ways to beat them are boring. You don't utilize skilled combat mechanics to kill them, you use gimmicky stuff like poison or higgledies.

Kingmakers @ 120 are stupid because of my above mentioned complaint: 99% of the tactics are "don't stand in fire" but of course your AI stands in fire and dies and there is nothing you can do about it.
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2 months ago#25
I have already said I know the most powerful setups.

99% of the tactics are "don't stand in fire" but of course your AI stands in fire and dies and there is nothing you can do about it.
This is exactly what Im talking about.

Not the dumb AI, but the fact that the higgledies dont support you because theyre too weak and slow to cast.

I had a team that had abilities to protect against fire but it had near zero effect. Bringing in water was equally useless because straight up physical attack trumps elemental weakness every time. This is why I criticize the higgledies.

They were the main element that interested me. Creating teams to deal with certain situations or just making fun, weird stuff. They are what the update shouldve focused on.
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