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User Info: DarkAscent

3 months ago#1
Okay, so now that I have platinumed this game, I have some serious complaints to air about how disappointing the combat in this game turned out to be.

1.) Your team's AI is stupid as hell(as I mentioned in another post). In nearly all of the endgame boss fights, you spend half the time resurrecting your moron AI controlled team members who just stand in s***, run into s***, and generally just get themselves killed constantly. Oh hey look the boss is going to pound the ground. Hey you should move. He's broadcasting the hell out of this damage. Nah...just stand in it and die.

2.) Nearly all hard mode endgame bosses are basically one thing: one hit kill incoming damage that forces you to basically run around and wand the boss to death slowly using poison/higgledies/etc. All of your gear you build up during the game is essentially meaningless. Nah, forget that epic sword, you are going to spend 20 hrs running around and wanding s*** with poison. Really? This is what we consider *fun* combat now? No special skills. No advanced builds. No learning to block attacks. No complex boss mechanics to learn. Just run around avoiding 1 hit kills and spam wand and higgledies. I mean you win easily, but it is BORING. AS. HELL. f*** that.

3.) You spend 99% of the time you aren't wanding fighting the camera angle boss. Hey, the boss may be trying to broadcast an attack but don't worry, you won't see it because the camera will be up someone's nose somewhere instead.

4.) The targeting system is horrific. God that one mushroom boss where you have to kill the right tentacle to stop the heal? Ridiculous trying to get the targeting to stay locked on. Even when you manually apply it it want's to pop off because.....see complaint #3 above...

You know overall I had a fairly fun time in the main campaign, and I'm still glad I played the game, and I really looked forward to the endgame content. It is really hard to believe an experienced developer like Level 5 could make this kind of mess at the end.
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User Info: GoddessofMayhem

3 months ago#2
I really hope the dlc will clear up the trouble. I didn't really care for Ferdinand at all because it made no sense to me.

And yeah. The AI is terrible. None of the characters know how to dodge for s***e.
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User Info: Ciera

3 months ago#3
sounds like you were underlevelled
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User Info: CobraGT

3 months ago#4
The tactics tweaker has a box lrc for battle actions like dodge and block. For a boss battle I rebuild the tweaker from scratch and raise the battle action strategy box to level 10
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User Info: VegaGG

3 months ago#5
Ciera posted...
sounds like you were underlevelled

sounds like you don't even own the game

User Info: Djoser2000

3 months ago#6
This is so true - it's all a stupid grind actually.

Nothing really worthwile happens story-wise.

The Kingdom rank 4 is also a joke.
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User Info: Lykouros

3 months ago#7
I have been trying to platinum this game for a short while now. So far my experience mimics yours. I enjoyed the main game combat because of the abilities and being able to play melee.

Now in post-game, after beating 3/4 of the tainted monsters, I’m getting one shot as soon as Evan gets in a single hit, forcing me to play ranged as Tani so I can poison everything. In worst case scenarios, I walk into a strong battle and my teammates immediately take 4000 damage before anything has even happened, and I’m “stuck” as Evan having to run around for 20 minutes with a wand.

Now, I am trying to collect better equipment and raise my stats with toffees in the hope I can play melee again, but tell me, does it get better? I only have a few battle-related trophies left and it is frustrating that the battles have become sooo boring...

User Info: CobraGT

3 months ago#8
There are poison wands but seriously there are videos of beating the dlc boss on expert with Evan. I just googled. There are many good videos with Evan.

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User Info: New_Birdman

3 months ago#9
My main issue is that the higgledies are mostly useless. You can make quite a few set ups but they dont do anything because the game is all about pure attack power.

I made special teams to fight kingmakers and on paper they sounded really good but in the end theyre all so weak it doesnt matter. Huge disappointment. Hoping the dlc changes something.

User Info: CobraGT

3 months ago#10

No. Higgledy are not useless. Look at professional baseball or soccer or football or hockey. At the beginning of the year the new recruits rarely perform the way the club had it planned. You watch them play. Switch when you have enough on a position and finally trade.

You really have to be alert for when one of your higgledy circles invites you to activate. Higgledy always set up the circle where you cannot avoid the boss if you activate the circle. You just have to sacrifice one of your party members to activate.

It takes trial and error to make a higgledy team. As a general rule you want a higgledy with Me! Me, a higgledy with Me too!, a higgledy with either a heal or a random activation and a higgledy with a large number of helpers. There are exceptions. It just takes trial and error. I posted a picture of the higgledy I had when I beat Blackhart on expert on the costume sticky topic. Try those before you give up.
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