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User Info: TeraPatrick2008

11 months ago#111
because it's 2018 and the Youtubers & Twitchers streaming don't want a hard time

User Info: Naruto

11 months ago#112
I finally removed Monster Hunter World disc from my PS4 for this game. When the Black Knight went all tempered Teostra, I was ready to lay it down. Oh well, the game is still fun.

User Info: Darkallah

11 months ago#113
slodkalili posted...
You know what? I disagree. I Always knew I suck at games but there's no way I'm this bad that I'm the only person out here who finds this game pretty challenging. I've only had 2 or 3 deaths but its not easy by any means. What I think is happening is I'm under leveled so why don't you try that? All the enemies in new areas are a guaranteed red for me so that's a pretty good guide to know you are on the right track. Haven't bought weapons either I only ever use what I get in drops to save cash for healing. I've got to say this is pretty ironic because I hoped the game would be easy. I'll go grind once I have all of the party members I want.

I try to avoid all white enemies and only attack red ones, and I still don't die. And that's face tanking everything. My one death was that first tainted slime when he was 10 levels higher than me. The easiness is frustrating because the game has so many cool combat mechanics and ways to develop your characters, but what's the point when you can steamroll everything by just facerolling?

User Info: twztid13

11 months ago#114
Pirate Wez posted...
just use a weaker weapon if you want it to be harder, I love it, it's like a relaxing vacation in ghibli land for us older people.

When I was 5 I could play harder games than I do at 29 lol

I'm 39, but I like some sort of challenge, else I could watch a movie. I dislike Mario Odyssey for the same reason. Admittedly, I don't have the reflexes for an FPS or fighting games like I used to (especially compared to kids nowadays), but I still need some sort of challenge. This basically could play itself so far (very early on, chapter 3, but still...). If they had difficulty levels, we wouldn't have to make it artificially difficult & cheat ourselves out of using the good weapons, but then again that would require some sort of extra effort from the dev, which seems too much to ask.
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User Info: omgseal

11 months ago#115
croix12 posted...
the only challenges i found this dream doors their boss can killing your party.

yeah, 2 of them ive fought have been tough but thats it.
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User Info: nedrith

11 months ago#116
Starlord12 posted...

If we only had context on "what" some people see this game as "easy". We would have a more solid answer, all we have is "IT'S EASY!" Okay... where are you in the game? Are you overleveled? Are you getting lucky with awesome gear?

There are numerous of questions that needs answering before you can say the game as a whole is "easy". I am on Chapter 3 and enemies still hit pretty hard to the point sometimes they are doing 80-100 damage depending on the mob. I had to utilize ranged weapons for the first time to take on these foes, I even died with a character I was controlling once.

"The game is easy" is blown way out of proportion. Not saying the game is hard.. but I am saying the game is not dirt easy some people say it is.

Once and not even a game over. To me that is easy.

JakeMordan posted...
It gets less easy over time unless you purposefully overlevel/overgear. That's really easy to do once you get your Kingdom. Normal encounters are seconds long, but thats just the equivalent of pressing X in FF.

And see that's my problem. You give me a decent side thing to do like managing a kingdom and I'm likely to play it a bit. If it's really easy to overgear/overlevel due to that well you have a problem.

Honestly I think we've gotten JRPGs to the point where companies are afraid to require the slightly below average player to grind a bit to kill a boss. Therefore we've gotten to the point that the average to above average player can easily steamroll the game by just fighting normal encounters. I miss the old games where instead of relying on difficulty levels, how easy the game is was determined by how much you grinded or fought additional mobs. Most of those games were beatable with minimal to low amount of grinding, but you generally had to be very skillful and use the game mechanics to their max. Others required a decent amount of grinding or luch but whatever, if the gameplay is fun then I don't mind a bit of grind.

User Info: 3D3

11 months ago#117
this is disappointing to hear, i'll wait to open my copy when they patch in harder difficulty.
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