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  3. No consistency in the story *SPOILERS*

User Info: nclrwntr

1 year ago#1
It's probably been discussed to death already but I just finished the whole season and while I enjoyed it, I wouldn't have been happy with the final product had I paid full price. For $7, I was happy.

The framerate is atrocious throughout which is ridiculous considering games like Uncharted 4, Horizon, and the upcoming God of War exist. Not to mention the loads of impressive looking/performing 3rd party games.

Anyway, my gripe is how my choices don't seem to matter outside of that very moment.

Example 1.
I chose not to torture the sniper. Next chapter Alfred is on me about crossing the line and putting the dude in the hospital having beaten him half to death. By my recollection, the guy was hanging upside down and making snide remarks. Not really something a half dead guy does. Also, top left corner said, "Gordon noted your non-violent approach." So non-violent and he's beaten half to death? Ok.

Example 2.
Gordon tells Batman, "Keep doing what you're doing and Gotham City will see you as I do. A hero." Every other encounter after that has him being wary of Batman. "I'd rather arrest you than ask for help but let's call a truce for one night." Among other backhanded remarks when I only helped/supported/and used non-violent means. Also, why does it matter how Gotham sees Batman? You never see him mingling with the public. You never see people talk about him. There aren't even news reports about how the public feels about him. Pointless. It works more for Bruce but he's viewed negatively no matter what you do since that's how the story goes.

Example 3.
I didn't brutalize Falcone. Just arrested him. Next chapter Oz asks how it felt to beat him half to death in front of all of Gotham. Gotham would have only been able to see whether I arrested or brutalized. Nothing in between.

Example 4.
I didn't tell Vicki who shot Falcone. I chose silence. A few chapters later Bruce is on the phone with Alfred and he says,. "It wouldn't be good if they found out you leaked Montoya's name." I didn't.

There were a lot of other inconsistencies that I felt was just laziness. They're literally just a line or two they need to slot in later depending on the choice you made. i.e. Didn't torture the guy, Alfred says "good job Bruce" instead of "you beat him half to death" which makes zero sense. I'm no programmer but how hard is it to code in as well as record the voice?

User Info: TheDistorted

1 year ago#2
Yeah dude, this is Telltale's weakest story-driven, and -apparently- "choice-driven" game, and it's due to sheer laziness.
Tales From the Borderlands is MUCH better. Play that if you haven't, it's actually fun, unlike this game, which was mostly frustrating, due to the crap storytelling.

I mean, another prime example of what you're on about, is if you choose to save Harvey over Catwoman, how he still becomes "Twoface" personality-wise, even though he's not actually Twoface. The plot plays out exactly the same, regardless of the fact that you removed the plot device that justifies his change of character.
Also, Catwoman treats you exactly the same whether you save her or not, and whether you treat her with contempt & distrust or do the complete opposite.
It's ridiculously stupid.
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  3. No consistency in the story *SPOILERS*
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