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  3. One of my favourite games of all time. (Plus starter tips)

User Info: Nex9000

3 years ago#1
Just finished it, and honestly it's one of the most beautiful and creative games I have ever played.

It's kind of like playing an interactive ballet.
And it's more of an "art" piece than it is a game (there are no real challenges).
Could also call it an emotional experience.

Few tips if you decide to get it:

It takes about 1.5 - 3 hours to beat.

There are shortcuts, but it's better if you don't use them on your first run (you'll miss out on the experience/story).

At the end of levels when you are gliding along a ribbon holding down L2 or R2 will change your pose.

There is a speedrun mode that unlocks at the end. And there are shortcuts that allow you to finish levels in minutes.

User Info: Chrono_Tempest

3 years ago#2
It really is an experience. I really loved it.

The music was spot on. I just finished it and I'm listening to the ending song again.

The first time you glide through the ribbons really took my breath away. Definitely one of my favorite moments.

User Info: GrandmaImFull

3 years ago#3
That level where you have red ribbons is my favourite. I was dancing at the end for like 10 minutes lol

User Info: MiIkMan

3 years ago#4
Look forward to playing it.
Milk, man.

User Info: Tracinya

3 years ago#5
Just finished and i'm right there with you TC, one of my favorite games/experiences/etc. all time for me too.
My gaming blog: https://theimpassionedcynic.wordpress.com/
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  3. One of my favourite games of all time. (Plus starter tips)
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