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User Info: kelvingabaldonc

3 months ago#1
I’m going to try to kill only the worst people possible & only 4 come to mind (Clay Cox, Fr. Tobias, the serial killer, Cadogan Bates).

1. What are the best powers, even for pacifists?
2. Who else should I kill?
3. What weapons should I get?
Kelvin G.

User Info: GabrielleM

3 months ago#2
I'm a fan of the two handed weapons, especially the ones where you can add stun bonuses to. You can use blood attacks more often, because when you start getting low, two handed weapons with stun bonuses make it easy to regularly bite an opponent. While biting a foe, your stamina refills during the animation so it's a good way to cheap the system lol. I'm obviously putting points in my blood and bite sections to accommodate my play style though.
Two handed weapons are also much stronger than one handers, I have no problem beating things 5 levels higher than me whereas with a weaker weapon I have much more trouble.
If enemies are bunched together and you sneak up behind them, you can sometimes hit all of them with stun, too.

Lastly I get the shotgun from the ambulance driver at Pembrook, it costs 315 shillings, which is easy to get even near the beginning of the game. It works great on bosses. I sacrifice reload time for as much damage as possible. It sucks for reload time but it hits hard.
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